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RIPE NCC Launches IPv6 for Governments Programme

RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) recently launched an IPv6 for Governments program to assist governments with their IPv6 allocation requests. The program aims ‘to help governments accurately calculate the amount of IPv6 address space they need (and can justify) before they submit an allocation request,’ in order to avoid rejected requests. Since government requests Read more…

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RIPE IPv6 Training Courses

If you’re located in Europe, Central Asia or the Middle East then you may want to check-out the list of forthcoming IPv6 training courses being organised by the RIPE NCC. The RIPE NCC offers both Basic and Advanced IPv6 Training Courses that are normally held together: The Basic Course is a 1-day training that explains the IPv6 Read more…

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RIPE DNS Measurements Hackathon 2017

The RIPE NCC will be holding its fifth Hackathon event on 20 and 21 April 2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This is an opportunity for operators, researchers and developers to help produce new tools to measure and visualise DNS data. The RIPE NCC operates a number of DNS related services, including the K-root server, and Read more…

SEE 5 in Tirana

The Deploy360 team was in Tirana, Albania last week to attend the SEE 5 meeting. This the annual RIPE Regional Meeting for South-East Europe which aims to encourage the cooperation of network operators in the region, as well as present the latest Internet developments to interested parties who are not always able to attend the main RIPE meetings. Read more…

How Did Estonia Grow From Near 0% IPv6 To 8% In 7 Months?

Estonia IPv6 growth

How did the country of Estonia grow from close to 0% IPv6 deployment to almost 8% in about 7 months?  What did the network operators there do?  By way of a tweet today we learned that RIPE Labs published this great IPv6 case study about the Estonian growth. The story also includes this impressive chart Read more…

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IPv6 for ISPs: State of deployment and lessons learned – Slides and Video from RIPE70

IPv6 for ISPs

What is the state of IPv6 deployment within Internet Service Providers (ISPs)?  What lessons can be learned from recent deployments?  At the recent RIPE 70 conference, Aaron Hughes gave a great overview of the current state and lessons that can be learned.  His slides are available as PDF: The video is also available from the Read more…

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IPv6 Troubleshooting for Helpdesks Now Published as RIPE-631


After a year of hard work by IPv6 experts from all over the world, I’m proud to announce that a new deployment-oriented document called “IPv6 Troubleshooting for Residential ISP helpdesks“ is now an officially published RIPE document. It’s intended to provide a starting point for technical support staff at ISPs or enterprise IT help desks Read more…

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RIPE69 Meeting In London Is Underway

RIPE 69 logo

The RIPE69 meeting in London started on Monday, where I had the honor and privilege to co-chair the opening session that kicked-off the meeting to its full speed. We heard some brilliant presentations in plenary sessions and finished the day with RIPE BCOP TF meeting that brought us a fully packed agenda of speakers that Read more…

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BCOP Session At RIPE 69 Streaming Live Now

RIPE 69 logo

Right at this moment at the RIPE 69 meeting in London, the RIPE Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) Task Force is holding its meeting and reviewing a number of different draft BCOP documents.  You can watch live on the RIPE 69 live stream but the session is close to finishing up.  The good news is that Read more…

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Video: BGP Blackholing Project (RIPE 68)

How can network operators cooperate to prevent abuse? How do we educate network operators to ensure they’re connecting their network in a secure way to the Internet? In this lightning talk from Lukasz Bromirski from Cisco, learn how operators in Poland are cooperating to prevent network abuse. Lukasz’s talk, entitled “BGP Blackholing Project” is now Read more…

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