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Operators and the IETF: Update from IETF 91

Two weeks ago I let you all know that I would be presenting our Operators and the IETF Internet-Draft at IETF 91. What a busy two weeks it’s been! Between all of the amazing presentations and conversations in Honolulu last week, and then hosting our first ever ION Tokyo this Monday, we’re all just now Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF91, Day 5: IDR (Securing BGP), IPv6 and heading on to ION Tokyo

Minions at IETF91

As the final day of IETF 91 opens there are only a few sessions left on the long IETF 91 agenda.  For us at Deploy360, our focus will mainly be on the Inter-Domain Routing (IDR) and IPv6 Maintenance (6MAN) meetings happening this morning.  Read on for more information… NOTE: If you are not in Honolulu but would like to Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF91, Day 4: TLS, 6TISCH, DNSSD, IDR, SAAG, DHC and DBOUND

Chris Grundemann at IETF 91

On the fourth day of IETF 91 we on the Deploy360 return to a focus on the routing / securing BGP side of our work as well as TLS and a number of DNS-related sessions that are not strictly DNSSEC-related, along with a small bit of IPv6 for “Internet of Things” (IoT) mixed in. There are many other working groups meeting at IETF Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF91, Day 3: DANE, HOMENET and Operators and the IETF (OPSAWG)

Sharon Goldberg ANRP prize winner

Today’s third day of IETF 91 is for us on the Deploy360 team both a lighter day in terms of a schedule, but a heavier day in that we have two actual presentations today: Chris is speaking in the OPS Area meeting this morning about our Operators and the IETF project and I’ll be speaking in the DANE Read more…

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Deploy360@IETF91, Day 2: UTA, DPRIVE, BGP in ANRP, 6LO and IOT, DNSOP

IETF 91 mic line

For us at Deploy360, Day 2 of IETF 91 brings a heavy focus on DNSSEC and DNS security in general with both DNSOP and DPRIVE meeting. Today also brings one of the key working groups (UTA) related to our “TLS in Applications” topic area.  There is a key WG meeting related to using  IPv6 in “resource-constrained” environments such as the “Internet of Read more…

Deploy360@IETF91, Day 1: v6OPS, SIDR, EPPEXT, TRANS

Sunset at IETF 91

On the first full day here at IETF 91, we have to leave behind the palm trees of the beautiful welcoming reception (pictured at right) to head indoors for a packed agenda of working group sessions. For us on the Deploy360 team, this first day hits on three of our major topics:  IPv6, DNSSEC and securing BGP. Read more…

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Comments? What Can We Learn From Existing DANE Deployments?


What can we learn from existing deployments of the DANE protocol?  As more people start implementing DANE in their applications, are there lessons we can learn to feed back into the standards development process?  What are the barriers people are finding to using DANE? How can we help accelerate the deployment of DANE and DNSSEC? As Read more…

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Two More Rough Guides To IETF 91 On IPv6 And Security / TLS


Two more “Rough Guide to IETF 91” posts have been published that may be of interest to Deploy360 readers: Rough Guide to IETF 91: All About IPv6 by Phil Roberts and Rough Guide to IETF 91: Strengthening the Internet (STRINT) Activities Continue by Karen O’Donoghue Phil’s post naturally talks about all the great work related Read more…

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IETF 91 Rough Guide On Routing Resilience And Security – De-aggregation, Route Leaks and more


What will be happening next week at IETF 91 with regard to improving the security and resilience of the Internet’s routing infrastructure? Our colleague Andrei Robachevsky tackles this question in his post this week: “Rough Guide to IETF 91: Routing Resilience & Security“. Andrei explains that one of the major issues in routing right now Read more…

Meet The Deploy360 Team at IETF 91

DO Team 2013

If you will be at IETF 91 next week in Honolulu, please do say hello to members of the Deployment & Operationalization (DO) team within the Internet Society.  We are the team behind this Deploy360 website and three of us will be there at IETF 91: Chris Grundemann, Director, Deployment & Operationalization Megan Kruse, Technology Outreach Read more…

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