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Not Quite Goodbye

It is with both a heavy heart and high hopes for the future that I write this, my last post as an Internet Society employee. It’s been an amazing couple of years! I’ve gotten the chance to work with a bunch of brilliant and dedicated folks all over the world. I’ll most miss my Deploy360 Read more…

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Upcoming USTelecom Webinar on IPv6 Security Myths

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I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be giving a talk next week that doesn’t require me to get on a plane! On Thursday, 16 April at 1300 EDT I’ll be teaming up with USTelecom for a webinar: Security in an IPv6 World: Myth & Reality Now that IPv6 is being actively deployed around the Read more…

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Talking IPv6 Security and BCOP at Americas Interconnection Summit


Today I’m headed off to San Diego and the first ever Americas Interconnection Summit, put on by Open-IX. This open, neutral event is targeted at all Internet participants interested in interconnection, including Internet Service Providers, Content Providers and Content Delivery Networks, Data Center and Internet Exchange Operators, and related network hardware and software suppliers. The Read more…

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Chris Grundemann @ MENOG 15 to talk IETF


What an incredible start to the year we’ve had! So many great conferences and so much amazing work has already been done across the Internet industry in 2015. The race towards the future, and my travel around the world, continues this week in Dubai with MENOG 15 (which is also a RIPE NCC regional meeting). Read more…

Operators and the IETF: Update from IETF 92

Dallas - IETF 92

Another IETF meeting is in the books. And what a meeting it was! Lot’s of activity around many of our Deploy360 topics occurred all week. If you weren’t able to follow along in real-time, I encourage you to look back over our IETF 92 blog posts and check out the relevant working group meeting presentations, Read more…

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IPv6 Security Myth #10 – Deploying IPv6 is Too Risky

Security in an IPv6 World

After a quick break to catch our breath (and read all those IPv6 Security Resources), it’s now time to look at our tenth and final IPv6 Security Myth. In many ways this myth is the most important myth to bust. Let’s take a look at why: Myth: Deploying IPv6 Makes My Network Less Secure Reality: Read more…

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Join our Team! Deploy360 Needs a Content and Resource Manager

DO Team 2013

Are you passionate about the future of the Internet? Do you want to help drive the global adoption of key Internet technologies, such as IPv6, DNSSEC, TLS, Secure BGP, and Anti-spoofing? Do enjoy both meeting great new people and staying fanatically organized? If you’re furiously nodding your head “yes” to all of these questions – Read more…

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IPv6 Security Myth #9 – There Aren’t Any IPv6 Security Resources

Security in an IPv6 World

We are approaching the end of this 10 part series on the most common IPv6 security myths. Now it’s time to turn our eyes away from security risks to focus a bit more on security resources. Today’s myth is actually one of the most harmful to those who hold it. If you believe that there Read more…

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IPv6 Security Myth #8 – It Supports IPv6

Security in an IPv6 World

Most of our IPv6 Security Myths are general notions, often passed on unwittingly between colleagues, friends, conference attendees, and others. Today’s myth is one that most often comes specifically from your vendors or suppliers. Whether it’s a hardware manufacturer, software developer, or Internet Service Provider (ISP), this myth is all about trust, but verify. Myth: Read more…

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Chris Grundemann @ APRICOT 2015 to talk IETF and BCOP


After nearly 3 weeks at home (my longest stretch since last August), I’m off to join the already-in-progress APRICOT 2015 in Fukuoka, Japan. For those who don’t know, the annual APRICOT (Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies) is a: Ten-day long summit consist[ing] of seminars, workshops, tutorials, conference sessions, birds-of-a-feather (BOFs), and other Read more…

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