List of Board Resolutions

All Resolutions, Present to 1993

Resolutions in 2003

Resolution 2003-1: Amendments of PIR articles of incorporation and By-laws

RESOLVED that the amendments to the Public Interest Registry’s (PIR) Articles of Incorporation (attached) and By-laws (attached) be accepted to support a 501(c)(3) designation.

Resolution 2003-2: Approval of the Code of Conduct

RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees approves the attached Code of Conduct for Individual Members, and requests that it be drawn to the attention of all present and future Individual Members.

Resolution 2003-3: Confirmation of the nomination of new IAB members

RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees confirm the slate of nominated IAB members: Rob Austein, Sally Floyd, Geoff Huston, Patrik Faltstrom, Mark Handley, Bernard Aboba, and Jun-ichiro Itojun Hagino.

Resolution 2003-4: Expression of gratitude to Qualys and SIDA

RESOLVED that the Board records its gratitude to both Qualys and SIDA for their recent decisions to make substantial donations to ISOC.

Resolution 2003-5: In favor of organizing INET 2004 in Barcelona

RESOLVED that the Board is generally in favor of an INET 2004 conference, but wants the executive committee to come back with a precise recommendation (for or against) after working with Veni within two weeks.

Resolution 2003-6: Approving appointment of Vice President for Conferences

RESOLVED that the ISOC board approves Christian de Larrinaga as ISOC Vice President for Conferences.

Resolution 2003-7: Approving the Revised PIR Bylaws

RESOLVED that the ISOC board approves the revised PIR bylaws.

Resolution 2003-8: Supporting a Professional Membership Class

RESOLVED that the board supports the notion of a new professional membership class and that the board asks the CEO to coordinate an effort that takes the report from the membership committee into account to develop, by October 15, a value proposition and a business plan for the new class for presentation to the board

Resolution 2003-9: Asking for Support Systems for fee-based Membership Classes

RESOLVED the board requests that the ISOC staff to put systems in place to support a paying class of members.

Resolution 2003-10: Thanking David Maher and Ed Viltz

RESOLVED the board thanks David Maher and Ed Viltz for the strong relationship between PIR and the ISOC.

Resolution 2003-11: Accepting the ECC MoU

RESOLVED the ISOC board formally accepts the ECC MoU and thus, officially recognizes the ECC as a regional council of the Internet Society

Resolution 2003-12: Planning for INET 2004

RESOLVED the ISOC board supports the ISOC President in working to finalize arrangements for INET 2004 in Barcelona

Resolution 2003-13: Approving PIR board

RESOLVED that the ISOC board approves the following list of nominees for the PIR board.

  • For 3-year terms: David Maher and Marc Rotenberg.
  • For 2-year terms: Geoff Houston and Amadeu Abril i Abril.
  • For 1-year terms: Frode Greisen, Eva Frolich, and Kenny Huang.

Resolution 2003-14: Thanking the current PIR board

RESOLVED that the ISOC board thanks the founding PIR board for their excellent work in guiding PIR during the initial phase of its operation.

Resolution 2003-15:

RESOLVED: That the board accepts the documents produced by the IETF IPR Working Group “Intellectual Property Rights in IETF Technology” and “IETF Rights in Contributions” and accept the responsibilities of the ISOC as described in these documents.

Resolution 2003-16:

RESOLVED: That the ISOC 2003-2004 Elections Committee be comprised of Fred Baker, Scott Bradner, Ole Jacobson, Glenn Ricart (chair) and Margaret Wasserman.

Resolution 2003-17:

RESOLVED: That the ISOC 2003-2004 Nominations Committee be comprised of Lamia Chaffai, Marie-Anne Delahaut, Osten Franberg, Nancy Hafkin, George Sadowsky (Chair), Pindar Wong and Raul Zambrano.

Resolution 2003-18:

RESOLVED: That the individual membership election be deferred for another year.

Resolution 2003-19:

RESOLVED: The Board of the Internet Society thanks Randy Bush and Zita Wetizel for their many years of support for the ISOC, most recently as Vice Presidents for Education.

Resolution 2003-20: Approving the 2004 ISOC budget

RESOLVED that the ISOC board approves the proposed budget for 2004.