List of Board Resolutions

All Resolutions, Present to 1993

Resolutions in 2002

Resolution 2002-1: Congratulating Tomaz Kalin, George Sadowsky, and Mike Todd

RESOLVED that The Board expresses its appreciation for their service as Vice Presidents to Tomaz Kalin (Chapters), George Sadowsky (Education), and Mike Todd (Individual Membership).

Resolution 2002-2: Resolution 02-2 Adopting the draft governance procedures

RESOLVED that the revised draft governance procedures circulated to the Board by Alan Greenberg on 16 February 2002 be adopted as the basis for this year’s Trustee elections and appointments, subject to revision and ratification in the June 2002 Board meeting.

Resolution 2002-3: Defining membership of the Elections Committee

RESOLVED that Don Heath and George Sadowsky be approved as members of the 2002 elections committee.

Resolution 2002-4: Confirmation of nominations of IAB members

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees confirms the appointment of the following individuals to serve on the IAB, as advised by the IETF Nominations Committee: Leslie Daigle, Ted Hardie, Charlie Kaufman, James Kempf, Mike St. Johns, Eric Rescorla

Resolution 2002-5: Nomination of Jim Galvin as VP for chapters and IM

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees ratifies the appointment of Jim Galvin to the position of VP – Chapters and Individual Membership.

Resolution 2002-6: Procedures for the IAB/IETF selection of Trustees for the Board

p>RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees ratifies the following procedures for the IAB/IETF selection of Trustees for the Board (the dates in parenthesis are those for the 2002 process):

  • There will be an open call to the IETF community mailing list requesting nominations (March 12-April 1);
  • The IAB will select Trustee(s) from the pool of nominees (no later than May 13);
  • The IESG will confirm the selection(s) (no later than May 20);
  • ISOC will be notified of the selection(s) (no later than May 28).

Resolution 2002-7: Clarification of individual membership issues

RESOLVED, that in addition to Global membership offered free of charge, the Internet Society will continue to offer individual memberships in the $75-$500 range. Annual reminders will be sent to these members asking them to continue their support at their existing or higher level. However, since no additional services are attached to these higher levels, the payments are treated as donations and not dues payments.

Resolution 2002-8: Nomination of Philippe Courtot to the Board of Trustees

RESOLVED, that the ISOC Board of Trustees appoints Philippe Courtot as a Trustee for a nominal term of one year, commencing at the adjournment of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting following the completion of the 2002 Election process and ending at the adjournment of the equivalent meeting in 2003.

Resolution 2002-9: Dismissal of accusation against George Sadowsky.

RESOLVED, that the charges expressed at the December 2001 Board meeting regarding possible conflict of interest or abrogation of fiduciary responsibility with respect to ISOC on the part of George Sadowsky are without merit.

Resolution 2002-10: Approving Adjustments to the Elections Procedures

RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees approved the adjustments to the 2002 elections procedures extending the nomination period by 5 days and the petition period by 2 days, delaying the of final slate release by 1 day, assigning a weight of 1 to start-up members, and using a random draw in case of a tie

Resolution 2002-11: Congratulating the nomination committee and its chair

RESOLVED that The Board expresses its appreciation for their service to the members of the nomination committee, Vint Cerf, Leslie Daigle, Jose Luis Pardos, Wawa Ngenge, Amy Weisenberg and Ron Weissman; and to its chair, Christine Maxwell.

Resolution 2002-12: Congratulating the election committee and its chair

RESOLVED that The Board expresses its appreciation for their service to the members of the election committee, Don Heath and George Sadowsky, and to its chair, Alan Greenberg.

Resolution 2002-13: Congratulating Mike Conn:

RESOLVED that the Board expresses its appreciation to Mike Conn for his services as Treasurer.

Resolution 2002-14: Additional resource for the .ORG bid.

RESOLVED, that the Board reaffirms its commitment to the bid to manage the .ORG domain, and encourage the president to get additional resource to support this bid.

Resolution 2002-15: Thanking the organizers of INET 2002

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees records its gratitude to those who made the INET2002 Conference a success in unusually difficult circumstances, namely Richard Perlman, Mike Nelson, Alejandro Pisanty, Hans Klein, and Francois Fluckiger, with special thanks to Riina Reinumagi for her exceptional work in not only managing all the speakers and presentations, but also for helping create an online conference program management system that now belongs to ISOC; and notes its gratitude for the hard work of the Foretec conference staff which made this conference possible.

Resolution 2002-16: Election Revision Committee

RESOLVED, that an Election Revision Committee be approved composed of Alan Greenberg (chair), Brian Carpenter, Barbara Fraser, and Richard Perlman, with Erik Huizer and George Sadowsky as non-voting members. The committee will report back to the Board in a timely manner to ensure that new procedures are approved prior to or at the November 2002 Board of Trustees meeting. Furthermore, to the extent possible, issues relating to the Nominations Committee will be discussed early with the intent of securing Board approval in principle as soon as possible and with due haste.

Resolution 2002-17: No direct election of Trustees by Individual Members in 2003

RESOLVED, that there will be no direct election of Trustees by Individual Members in 2003. However, the Board wishes to retain the direct election of some Trustees by Individual Members, and will investigate alternative approaches with the goal of reinstating such a process in 2004.

Resolution 2002-18: Revision of Trustees Selection procedure

RESOLVED, that the Board accept the recommendations of the Election Revision Committee for the revision of the ISOC “Procedures for Selecting Trustees”.

Resolution 2002-19: Establishment and Conduct of Chapters

Resolve to adopt the “Policy on the Establishment and Conduct of Chapters of the Internet Society” proposed in the November 2002 report of the VP of Chapters.

Resolution 2002-20: Specifying eligibility for election participation

Resolved that the procedure document be amended, so that only members and chapters in good standing by December 31 will be eligible for participation in the next year election; the list of these members should be finalized and passed to the election committee no later than January 31 of the election year.

Resolution 2002-22: election procedures

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees approves the appointment of Mike Nelson as VP of public policy.

Resolution 2002-23: ISOC 2003 NomComm

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees approves the NomComm slate as submitted by Kees Neggers:

Kees Neggers (Chair)
Michael Nelson
Fred Baker
Geoff Huston
Toru Takahashi
Östen Frånberg
Carlos Braga

Resolution 2002-23: Mike Nelson as VP of public policy

Resolve to adopt the procedures proposed to the list on 11/9/2002 by the election committee, as amended by resolution 02-21.

Resolution 2002-24: ISOC 2003 budget

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees approves the 2003 budget proposal with PIR assumptions included, with total revenues of $2,071,714, expenses of $1,873,806, and planned surplus of $197,908.