List of Board Resolutions

All Resolutions, Present to 1993

Resolutions in 1993

Resolution 1993-1: ISOC Membership Committee

RESOLVED, that the President is authorized and directed to form a Membership Committee, a majority of whose members shall be Trustees; and Further:

  • that the Membership Committee is charged to study issues associated with individual membership, including but not limited to, the numbers and characteristics of members ISOC should seek, the benefits (if any) which should be provided to individual members, and the appropriate level of dues for individual members; and
  • that the Membership Committee is directed to submit a report with recommendations to the Board at the Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting; and further
  • that, pending review of the Membership Committee’s report by the Board, the staff is requested to make no irreversible decisions on the level of dues for individual members for 1994.

Resolution 1993-2: IAB Membership Confirmation

RESOLVED, that the ISOC Board confirm the nominations of Elise Gerich, Jun Murai, Yakov Rekhter, John Romkey, Dave Sincoskie and Mike St Johns to the IAB.

Resolution 1993-3: INET’93 Conference

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society hereby commends the hard work and dedication of the Conference Committee and the financial support of the corporate sponsors of INET’93.

Resolution 1993-4: Appreciation – Cisco Systems

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society hereby extends its deep appreciation to Cisco Systems and to Kate Muther for hosting a memorable reception for the Internet Society Trustees and the Advisory Council on the occasion of the INET’93 Conference in San Francisco, California.

Resolution 1993-5: Electronic Voting Procedures

RESOLVED, that the electronic voting procedures to obtain the sense of the Board be hereby modified to permit a simple majority electronic response on the part of the Trustees (subject to By-Laws provisions requiring a supermajority or unanimous vote), so long as the action so taken is subsequently ratified at a meeting of the Trustees.