yellow piece of paper with handwritten words "Sorry NO INTERNET Today" that appears to be taped to the inside of a glass door

Sanctions Can Deny Internet Access When People Need It Most

Two days after Iran shut down the Internet for millions of citizens amidst protests against the killing of Mahsa Amini, the United States eased existing sanctions on Iran to “expand the range of Internet services available to Iranians”. While it may seem counter-intuitive, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s action recognized something important: sanctions can have the unintended impact of preventing people from accessing the Internet at a time when

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Attending O'Reilly's TOCCON Next Week? Deploy360 Will Be There…

Will you be attending O'Reilly's "Tools of Change for Publishing 2012" conference (a.k.a. "TOCCON") in New York from February 13-15, 2012? If so, I (Dan York) will be there and ...
Only 4 months to World IPv6 Launch - are you getting ready?

Only 4 months to World IPv6 Launch – are you getting ready?

World IPv6 Launch (more info here) is only four months away on June 6, 2012 - If you haven't started yet, now is a good time to get going!  Here are ...
IPv6 Week

Regional IPv6 Week Feb 6-12 in Latin America, Caribbean

As you get ready for World IPv6 Launch in June 2012, those of you in Latin America can join in to Regional IPv6 Week happening next week, February 6 - 12, ...

TechRepublic: Are You Thinking About IPv6 Security With World IPv6 Launch Looming?

In a TechRepublic article out today titled "World IPv6 launch day set: Security pitfalls to look out for", author Patrick Lambert asks a key question related to World IPv6 ...
Know Java? DNSSEC4J Developer Looking For Comments, Code Review, Etc

Know Java? DNSSEC4J Developer Looking For Comments, Code Review, Etc

Are you a Java developer? Are you interested in DNSSEC? If so, developer Adam Fisk is looking for your help! Adam has developed a new open source DNSSEC resolution and ...
ION Toronto 2011: Good Men Rising: IPv6 and DNSSEC

Video/Slides – Good Men Rising: IPv6 and DNSSEC (Toronto ION)

In a response to Bill St. Arnaud’s "Dead Men Walking" presentation at the Internet Society’s ION Conference in Toronto on November 14, 2011, Jacques Latour, Director of Information Technology, Canadian ...
ION Toronto 2011:  Dead Men Walking: IPv6 and DNSSEC

Video/Slides – Dead Men Walking: IPv6 and DNSSEC

If after 10 years we still can't make IPv6 fly, is it time to rethink our strategy? That was one of the questions posed in this presentation by consultant Bill ...
Comcast dnssec

Comcast Releases Detailed Analysis of DNSSEC Validation Failure

Did you see all the tweets and mentions on the web last week about Comcast apparently blocking NASA's website on their network? While it made for great headlines, the truth ...