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Growing the Internet 26 May 2016

Connecting Communities at RIPE72 in Copenhagen!

Jane Coffin
By Jane CoffinSenior Vice President, Internet Growth

RIPE — the Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre – is one of the five regional Internet registries that allocates Internet numbering resources that help the Internet run.

We’ll be moderating a panel that brings together people from RIPE’s Middle East, Eurasia, and South Eastern European regions.

On its own this sounds like a lot of other panels at a lot of other events.

But this one, at least for me, is something special.

It will bring together people from very different RIPE regional communities. They come together at this important convening event of the full RIPE community to build bridges with each other and across RIPE. 

ISOC partners with RIPE colleagues throughout the year to help plan and coordinate meetings, to speak on key regional Internet issues or to lend technical assistance, or to find ways to measure Internet traffic together so that people can see the growth of the Internet in an understandable and simple way. Together we build bridges that connect people, communities, countries, and regions.

Connecting the next billion comes down to a lot of things. It comes down to development, policy, technology, and often times navigating some difficult landscapes – both literally and figuratively.  But, it really relies on building and bridging communities to work together. And, ultimately it comes down to people. People who are dedicated to building the Internet, visualizing the Internet, and training people to train each other for sustainable Internet infrastructure development.  

We overcome barriers together – barriers that include things like landscapes, policies, lack of trained people, and lack of infrastructure.

And – while it would be easy to get lost in the details or overwhelmed by some of the challenges – we work through and solve problems together to amplify the work our teams are doing.  

The key thing about this panel is that it brings together people who live in very different countries, and highlights their community within a community that helps to develop the Internet through local solutions that are bridged by shared technical solutions.

They will share ideas about what has worked in their regions, and – more importantly – what did not. 

By sharing local solutions they build bridges with the entire RIPE community and the broader Internet community.  

Technology is a common demoninator across regions, but there’s more to building the Internet than technology. Like most things that work well, it takes people working together. 

You can do this too. We’ll be LiveStreaming the panel and you’ll be able to join online, chat, and build connections. 

Join Bridging the RIPE Community on 27 May 9 – 10:30 CET 

Get more information on the panel and other events on the RIPE website

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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