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Deploy360 1 April 2015

SINOG 1.6 workshop on DDoS and AntiSpam for Network Operators

Jan Žorž
By Jan ŽoržFormer Operational Engagement Programme Manager
SINOG_1.5 workshop

SINOG_1.5 workshoThep

The SINOG (Slovenian Network Operators Group) organized an interim meeting on topic of DDoS mitigation techniques and AntiSpam tools for operators. This meeting turned into a workshop with some good presentations from experienced operators about how they are doing this in practice and also from some vendors to see what’s available on the market for this purpose. While the initial thought was of 30 – 40 attendees this topic seems to be very popular, as now we are expecting more than 100 people to show up and listen to this 4 hours event with packed agenda of good talks. Workshop starts today (1st April) at 16:00 CET (and that’s not a joke 🙂 ) and below you can also find a video stream link.

The workshop will be opened by Matjaž Straus Istenič (SINOG chairman) and then further chaired by Urban Kunc (SINOG co-chair) and myself.

Previous workshop (SINOG_1.5) theme was WiFi for operators and attendance turnout was brilliant, but we never expected that SINOG_1.6 would bring in even more people.

On 9th/10th of June Go6 Institute is organizing 10th Slovenian IPv6 summit (first day) and SINOG2 meeting (second day) and preparations for the “big” event are already underway. If you have any interest in operators community in this region and would like to propose a talk – please send an email to organizers <[email protected]>.

Today workshop will be video recorded and streamed live, if you speak Slovenian or you are just curious what’s going on there – you can join the live stream.

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