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Improving Technical Security 14 April 2015

Network Security, IPv6, and More at the Big Telecom Event in Chicago on 9-10 June

I’m attending the Big Telecom Event in Chicago, IL, on the 9th and 10th of June to participate on a panel on Tuesday, 9 June – “Network Security: Security: The Big Issue, The Big Showstopper.” The Internet Society will also be in booth #203 while we’re there. Please attend what I’m sure will be an interesting and challenging discussion on network security, and please visit us in our exhibit space. We’ll be talking to people about network security as well as other topics of interest to us such as IPv6 and bandwidth management.

Network security remains among the most important topics of interest to us at the Internet Society. In November, we launched the Routing Resilience Manifesto initiative built around the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) document. MANRS is focused on making the routing infrastructure that underpins the operation of the Internet more stable and secure. Among MANRS’ many objectives is to encourage collective action by demonstrating that a group of supporters already exists, and to provide a framework for ISPs to better understand and help address issues increasing the resilience and security of the Internet’s routing infrastructure. We’ve spoken about this at length before and it continues to be a primary activity of the technology programs at the Internet Society. We are encouraged by the number of network operators that have joined this initiative, and continue to seek additional supporters.

Another very important aspect of MANRS is the observation surrounding the collective responsibility aspect of network security, and indeed of good citizenship of all operators on the network. Collective responsibility speaks to the fact that the Internet is a globally connected network of networks, and that all of these networks depend on other networks for the Internet as a whole to work well. This means that no network can achieve its own complete security in isolation, and this is a key aspect of how we think about network security in the Internet.

The panel “Security: The Big Issue, The Big Showstopper,” (Tue, 9 June, 4:10pm CDT) plans to consider the major security issues as new generations of network and service models evolve, and how well equipped the operators will be to address these security challenges. The scope of such a discussion will be wide ranging. I hope to bring some perspective about preserving the stability of the core infrastructure that makes all of these networks continue to function, and how network operators need to maintain some sense of collective responsibility in the face of threats that can be harmful to anyone operating a network or using one. My perspective may be seen as a little bit non-traditional. The key distinctive perspective we are trying to articulate at the Internet Society is that making networks secure and stable has a collective component – part of your security depends on other players in the Internet.

You can find out more about the Big Telecom Event here, see the agenda and speakers, register to participate, and plan your visit. More information is below about our discount code for VIP registration. We’ll be in booth #203 throughout the show talking to participants about network security, IPv6, open Internet standards, and other issues of critical importance to the future of an open Internet for everyone.

See you there!

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Join Light Reading and the Internet Society as a VIP attendee at Light Reading’s Big Telecom Event, taking place June 9 and 10 in Chicago. Light Reading’s Big Telecom Event 2015 will comprise a conference where more than 200 of the leading minds in telecommunications will discuss the technologies poised to revolutionize the world’s economy.

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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