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Deploy360 23 March 2015

[email protected], Day 1: SIDR, 6MAN, DPRIVE and UTA

Dan York
By Dan YorkDirector, Online Content

ROW workshop at IETF 92On this first day of IETF 92 in Dallas, our attention as the Deploy360 team is on securing the Internet’s routing infrastructure, improving the IPv6 protocol and securing the privacy and confidentiality of DNS queries.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend IETF 92 in person, there are multiple ways to participate remotely.

The day begins with two sessions in the 0900-1130 CDT block.  In the Parisian room the SIDR working group will be working through a good number of Internet Drafts relating to both RPKI and BGPSEC.  Both of these are some of the tools we view as important in securing BPG and making the routing infrastructure more resilient and secure.  Our colleague Andrei Robachevsky dived into more detail in his recent Rough Guide post.  Also on the agenda is the release of results about a survey about RPKI and DNSSEC deployment undertaken last fall by researchers at the Freie Universitaet Berlin which could be interesting to learn about.

At the same time over in the International Room, the 6MAN working group has a long agenda relating to various points discovered during the ongoing deployment of IPv6.   Given that we keep seeing solid growth each month in IPv6 deployment measurements, it’s not surprising that we’d see documents brought forward identifying ways in which the IPv6 protocol needs to evolve.  This is great to see and will only help the ongoing deployment.

Moving on to the 1300-1500 CDT session block, there are two working groups that are not ones we primarily follow, but are still related to the overall themes here on the site:

  • the TRANS working group is looking to standardize “Certificate Transparency” (CT), a mechanism to add a layer of checking to TLS certificates;
  • the DNSSD working group continues its work to standardize DNS-based service discovery beyond a simple single network.  Our interest here is really that this kind of service discovery does need to be secured in some manner.

In the 1520-1650 CDT session block, a big focus for us will be the newer DPRIVE working group that is looking into mechanisms to make DNS queries more secure and confidential.  As I wrote in my Rough Guide post, a concern is to make it harder for pervasive monitoring to occur and be able to track what a user is doing through DNS queries.  DPRIVE has a full agenda, and knowing some of the personalities I expect the debate to be passionate.

Simultaneously, over in the Parisian Room, the Using TLS In Applications (UTA) working group will continue it’s work to make it easier for developers to add TLS to applications.  The UTA agenda at IETF 92 shows a focus on one mechanism for email privacy.

After all of this, we’ll be heading to the Technical Plenary from 1710-1910 CDT where the technical topic is on “Smart Object Architecture” which sounds interesting.  You can watch a live video stream of the Technical Plenary at http://www.ietf.org/live/

For some more background, please read these Rough Guide posts from Andrei, Phil, Karen and myself:

Relevant Working Groups:

For more background on what is happening at IETF 92, please see our “Rough Guide to IETF 92″ posts on the ITM blog:

If you are at IETF 92 in Dallas, please do feel free to say hello to our Chris Grundemann.  And if you want to get started with IPv6, DNSSEC or one of our other topics, please visit our “Start Here” page to find resources appropriate to your type of organization.

Image: a photo by Chris Grundemann of the ROW workshop on the Sunday prior to IETF 92.

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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