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Deploy360 7 January 2015

DNSSEC Makes The Front Cover of SC Magazine

Dan York
By Dan YorkDirector, Online Content

Front cover of SC magazineIt’s not every day that the topic of DNSSEC makes the front cover of a print magazine… but it did with the January 2015 issue of SC Magazine.   In an article titled “Keys to the Internet“, Tony Morbin, Editor-in-Chief of SC Magazine, interviews Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder of .SE about the global deployment of DNSSEC.  It’s a good article and Tony Morbin was kind enough to include some of the comments I’d provided about the two sides of DNSSEC. There’s also a side article from Jim Galvin about the registrar-related themes he’s been discussing lately.

Congrats to Anne-Marie on the article and I do hope this will help SC Magazine readers and others understand how important it is that we get DNSSEC more widely deployed.  As I was quoted in the article:

The reality is that despite the additional requirements, DNSSEC provides the best mechanism we have today to add more trust and security to DNS.

We need to get DNSSEC and DANE more widely deployed to increase the overall security of the Internet.  At the minimum, we need more people enabling DNSSEC validation, which often involves only changing a line in a DNS server configuration file.

Want to know how YOU can help?  Please visit our Start Here page to find resources tailored to your type of organization or role.

P.S. I was very pleased to see that in another sidebar article in the print version of SC Magazine, they used one of the DNSSEC Deployment maps that we publish each week.  Unfortunately they used a map from back in October, so they didn’t have Australia in green, but still, it’s great to see the maps being used.

UPDATE: It seems the PDF version of the January issue is also online, allowing you to see the article as it appeared in print.

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