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Identity 10 November 2014

Webcast Information for Tomorrow’s Panel on Identity as an Internet Building Block at IETF 91

Megan Kruse
By Megan KruseDirector, Partner Engagement and Communications

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 11 November, Internet Society CITO Olaf Kolkman and four distinguished panelists will discuss and debate, “Is Identity an Internet Building Block?” during IETF 91 in Honolulu. Pre-registration was required for onsite participation. However, if you didn’t pre-register before it filled up, we have great news in that it will be webcast (over IPv6, of course)! Just visit the Google+ event page and look for the YouTube live stream. It will begin right at 11:45AM HST (21:45 UTC) tomorrow.

We’ll also live-tweet the event via our Twitter channel, @ISOCtech.

From the session abstract:

In the Internet’s early days, users often felt shielded behind an electronic veil of anonymity, able to take on any persona they pleased. Now, nearly every online service has adopted technologies that build user profiles, offer product recommendations, and piece together personal histories that go back farther than most of us even know.

Digital identifiers and the attributes tied to those identifiers are key to establishing trust in any form of online communication. What are the underlying identifiers we use on the Internet today? What are their properties? How do these identifiers and attributes relate to our ideas of “identity?” If we were to dream of an ideal world with multiple interlinked and interoperable identity ecosystems, what would good look like?

During this Briefing Panel, the Internet Society’s Chief Internet Technology Officer Olaf Kolkman and four panelists from various layers of the stack will discuss whether identity management is, or will be, a fundamental building block for the Internet, the forces currently at play in the identity sphere, the push for single sign-on, the role of mobile, and more.

Olaf Kolkman (Internet Society)

Leif Johansson (SUNET)
Ken Klingenstein (Internet2)
Jef Hodges (PayPal)
Natasha Rooney (GSMA)

We hope you can join us, whether it’s in the room in Honolulu, on the webcast, or via Twitter!

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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