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IETF 9 November 2014

IETF 91 Starts Today!

Megan Kruse
By Megan KruseDirector, Partner Engagement and Communications

We are in Honolulu, Hawaii this week for IETF 91, where we’ll be trying really hard to ignore the beautiful weather and beaches outside and do what we came here to do – make the Internet work better. It all officially kicks off this afternoon with the Welcome Reception from 1700-1900 HST, so I hope we’ll see you there. I hope you’ve been following along as we doled out our series of Rough Guide to IETF91 posts last week. You can read through them all individually at these links if you missed any of them:

A few last-minute reminders as we get this week underway.

IETF Journal v10.2

The latest edition of the IETF Journal is available here onsite in hard copy, and you can subscribe here to receive future issues (via hard copy or email). As you go through the week, keep in mind I’m always on the lookout for ideas for future articles, so if you’re interested in writing something, please send an email to [email protected] with more information.

[email protected] Briefing Panel: “Is Identity a Building Block?”

Moderated by ISOC Chief Internet Technology Officer Olaf Kolkman, panelists Leif Johansson, Ken Klingenstein, Jef Hodges, and Natasha Rooney will share their ideas about the question, “Is Identity an Internet Building Block?” Registration to participate in person is full, but the event will be webcast so if you want to watch it online, check back here for details.

The Magnum P.I. Contest

And finally, Olaf Kolkman is running a little contest this week. From his overview ‘rough guide’ post:

“Nerds in Paradise” was the tagline on the t-shirt for the 15th IETF in 1989, the decade when Magnum P.I. dominated TV networks. In honor of our return to Honolulu, the participant with the best “Magnum P.I.” mustache will get an honorary mention in the next issue of the IETF Journal. Photographic evidence can be tweeted to @ISOCtech using the hashtag #ietf91MagnumPI or emailed to [email protected] (NOTE: Remote IETF 91 participants are eligible, and the winning entry need not be a real mustache!)

Follow Us

There’s a lot going on this week, and whether you are or joining remotely, there’s much to follow. To keep up with our Internet Society activities, follow us on the Internet Technology Matters blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, via RSS, or see

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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