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Internet Governance 4 April 2014

Partners in Fighting Spam

There’s no doubt about it, Spam is a global problem.  No matter if it’s an unwanted email, a virus, or a rather bizarre update about the latest pharmaceutical product – our junk mail folders are growing and our patience is shrinking.

Enough is enough. It’s time to work together to do something about spam.

But we can’t do it alone.

To fight spam on a large scale we are partnering with technical experts and extraordinary organizations around the world.

By working in partnership we can support local technical experts and policy and decision makers around the world to get the information they need to join in the global effort in the fight against spam.

Spam has become a challenge for developing counties; it infects networks, slows down traffic, and creates unwanted access costs.  It has prohibited some people from fully realizing the potential of the Internet.  The Internet Society is determined not to let Spam continue to be a barrier to free trade, educational opportunities, and access to information for developing countries.

What are we doing about Spam?

We are working with partners around the globe to attack the challenge together.

The Internet Society is pursuing opportunities to partner with organizations and experts on offering programs that focus on addressing the concerns of developing country policy-makers who are in need of solutions to help them address the growing problems they face with spam.

While the telecommunication industry and Internet communities have made great strides in creating best practices and developing technical tools to combat spam, there is a need to develop greater partnerships between industry and policy makers to address spam so that spam does not continue to be a barrier to free trade, limit opportunities, and restrict access to information, in particular for developing countries.

So how can you learn more or find training?

That is where partnerships come in and where we intend to work in an effort to collaborate on addressing the global spam problem by using innovative approaches contributed by experts to address the burden for developing countries, network operators, and end users that can minimize the harm.

It’s about leveraging each other’s strengths to achieve great success.

Lasting solutions that come from the ground up.

We believe the solutions to spam can be found in countries, neighborhoods, villages, and communities around the world.

It’s about the deep knowledge brought by local experts and then amplifying it with a global voice.

It’s this unique way of working – one that combines global reach, a foundation in technology, partnerships, multistakeholderism and involves action at every level from local to global – that helps us realize our ambition of a world where everyone can access and develop a connected, borderless, permission-less, limitless Internet that creates opportunity and progress for all.

Join Us In The Fight Against Spam!

We need you to partner with us in the fight against the proliferation of spam.

Here are ways you can get involved:

A truly open and connected world can only happen by working together.

Join our growing network and be part of the dialogue that is becoming the powerful force working to put an end to the problem of spam.

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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