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Development 30 March 2014

Broadband for Development

Kathryn Brown
By Kathryn BrownFormer President / CEO

We live in a fast-paced world led by ICT innovation. As many know, we have been experiencing an exponential growth in data traffic, mobile communications, cloud computing, social networking, and ICT applications for a smarter world. This growth is powered by affordable and ubiquitous broadband, innovation, and strong human capacity. Now access to high-speed networks becomes ever-so-more important, particularly in light of the emergence of big data and as new infrastructure is built, necessary for accelerating transition from an information to knowledge society.    

Not everyone has access to infrastructure, however, or to the power of communications. This is the reason the Internet Society has made development a core priority – we are dedicated to it.  We have been building capacity around the world in Internet communities of interest for more than 22 years. This priority remains strong, and is demonstrable, for example, through the regional work we have been doing to facilitate the growth of IXPs, DNS and spam workshops, and wireless Internet projects with regional and local partners.

This dedication – the great work our teams and partners do around the world to train, develop, and assist in technical and governance infrastructure – is also why we believe strongly in working more closely with the ITU’s Development Sector, known as ITU-D. We participated today in a strategic dialogue to set the stage for the ITU’s World Telecommunication Development Conference that will take place over the next two weeks in Dubai. This dialogue highlighted the need for diverse forms of broadband infrastructure, issues related to user needs, and the importance of removing barriers to connectivity. One of the key issues that we highlighted is the importance of removing the barriers to investment, infrastructure development, and more transparency with respect to regulatory and policy issues.

We are looking forward to the conference this week here in Dubai, listening to the needs of colleagues around the world and matching that up with where we can continue to partner and build infrastructure, human capacity, and access to that infrastructure which empowers users and allows  more innovation, more business operators, and better access for all.  



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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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