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Deploy360 9 May 2013

Excellent DNSSEC Sessions Coming Up At DNS-OARC Spring Forum This Weekend

Dan York
By Dan YorkDirector, Online Content

dns-oarcThis weekend begins the “Spring Forum” of the Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center, a.k.a. “DNS-OARC” and it once again represents a gathering of many of the prominent people within the DNS / DNSSEC community.  The event takes place in Dublin, Ireland, on the Sunday and Monday morning prior to the RIPE 66 meeting happening for the rest of the week.

In look at the list of contributions to the DNS-OARC Spring Forum, a number are related to DNSSEC and I’m quite looking forward to listening to them.  They include:

DNS Security: Beyond DNSSEC, A “He Must Be Nearing Retirement” Manifesto
Ed Lewis said on a call that he’s going to be talking about ways he thinks DNS can be better secured. Ed has been around the DNS/DNSSEC world for a long time, so I’m looking forward to his ideas.

Measuring DNSSEC
Geoff Huston recently published a long blog post about “Measuring DNSSEC Performance” that got quite deep into analysis. I am assuming Geoff and George Michaelson will be explaining their findings live at this event.

The Use of Elliptic Curve Cryptography in DNSSEC
This presentation by Francis Dupont should be an interesting view into the viewpoint that we ought to be doing more with elliptic curve cryptography (and specifically ECDSA) within DNSSEC.

GPU-based NSEC3 Hash Breaking
Based on the description, this appears to be about a tool that can be used to break the hashes used in NSEC3 records. Not entirely sure where this one is going… so I will be interested to hear it.

Next Steps In Accelerating DNSSEC Deployment
How do we get DNSSEC more rapidly deployed. I’ll be speaking about what we’ve found in the process of developing the DNSSEC side of Deploy360 as well as what has come up through the dnssec-coord mailing list / conference calls and other industry efforts.

Beyond those DNSSEC-related sessions, I’m definitely interested in the sessions around DNS amplification attacks, DNS monitoring and really all the other topics. Definitely a place for those of us interested in DNS and DNSSEC to gather!

I don’t believe there is a livestream, but I do believe the slides will be available as links off the agenda page as they become available.  If you are going to be there at the DNS-OARC Spring Forum, do say hello – and please do let me know your ideas around how we can help here at Deploy360 with resources related to DNSSEC deployment.

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