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Internet Governance 17 September 2010

Remote participation and some other stuff

On September 16 I experienced the remote participation moderation for the first time. Earlier I had the experience of organizing a remote hub for EuroDIG in Madrid, but to do moderation from the IGF itself – this was for the first time. The remote participation for the workshop # 26 was as active, as the offline discussions in the full room.

The session was about Teaching IG – Experience of Schools on IG and panelists gave the coverage of schools, organized during last three years in the world. Being the Alumnus of the First Summer School on IG in Miessen (Germany) back in 2007, I found out that  lot of development took place since that time. We were the first and so called the experimental group, and since that many young people joined schools’ alumni team.   

During the session 3 remote hubs joined the discussions: HUB from Albania, Pakistan and Cote D’Ivoire. It seems that there is a lot of interest of organizing such schools both in West Africa and Pakistan. The remote participation made possible to connect with those people who really are key in supporting those countries to organize such schools. This shows that IGF provides opportunity not only to people who are phisycally present here in Vilnius, but also provide the floor for future development to people, who can join online and take the advantage of being “present” at the IGF discussions.

The last day of IGF was interesting since the beginning. Early in the morning I participated in the session “German IGF”. The most interesting part of the session was the participation of two German Parliamentarians directly from Berlin (through German remote hub), who answered the questions raised from the auditorium (and was nice to see one of the ISOC Ambassadors to ask a question from Vilnius to them) and also ask questions to people, sitting here. This is a good example of how big is the country’s Government’s involvement and how important it is for developing countries’ Governments to see and to use the example.

IGF provides a lot of learning ground to be used in future in our local communities and great appreciations to ISOC for providing me such opportunity to learn.

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