Greg Wood

Greg Wood

Director, Communications Operations and Planning

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Greg Wood joined the Internet Society in January 2009, working within the Communications team to develop internal and external communications services, extending the flexibility, reach, and scope of the Internet Society's media relations and outreach activities.

Greg brings to the Internet Society over a decade of communications leadership in community-driven organizations focused on developing, deploying, and using Internet technologies. He previously served as director of communications for Internet2, the foremost advanced networking consortium in the United States. In that role he led a distributed team that developed and executed communications strategies and programs. His responsibilities included managing organizational branding, web presence, media relations, executive communications, tradeshow presence, and publication production.

Greg first experienced the power and potential of the Internet in 1991 when email and Usenet newsgroups provided connections to the rest of the world as he worked at a university in the newly independent Lithuania.

Greg is based in Reston, United States.

Image credit: © Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Panos

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