Toilem Poriot

Toilem Poriot

Project Manager


I joined Internet Society as a project manager based in Kenya. My work focuses on providing technical, administrative, and operational leadership to projects and initiatives at the Internet Society. I work with leaders and technology experts to manage and drive the successful execution of projects.

Prior to joining the Internet Society, I was in charge of technology, operations, and projects at Raccoontech International, an e-commerce and trading company based in Singapore. I have also worked in different companies like Pergamon Group as regional head of ICT, where I headed successful implementation of cyber security and Tax Invoice Management Systems (TIMS) projects in East and Central Africa. I also worked at KeNIC as the Technical Manager, where I headed the implementation of DNSSec for the .ke registry, among other projects.

I strongly believe that the Internet in this age is not a luxury, but a tool we can use to foster growth in industries like agriculture, health, and education, among others. With this in mind, I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to access and use the Internet.

When I am not "drowned" in work, I like spending time with my family, gardening, or working on the farm. I enjoy off-roading and working on classic car projects with my friends.