Anna Kierstan

Anna Kierstan

Content Operations Manager

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It’s my responsibility to make sure all of our communications are consistent with our content strategy, that our content is reliable and relevant, and that our internal content processes run smoothly.

My background is in journalism, editing and content production. I started out as a news reporter, where I learnt how to hunt for a great story and get to the point. Since then I’ve edited a number of books and magazines and led content operations and teams for a vast range of brands and non-profits including HSBC, Weight Watchers, and UK consumer association Which?. I believe that concise, clear and uncluttered communication makes organizations more effective and people’s lives much easier.

I have Masters degrees in journalism, translation and professional language skills, and am at my happiest when I have lots to do and am learning new things. I live in London, UK, and in my spare time you’ll find me in the swimming pool, on the Eurostar, or trying to herd my ever-expanding collection of cats and dogs.

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