2020 Action Plan Projects

Strengthening the Internet

Internet Way of Networking

Concerns about competition and regulation are driving state responses that threaten the future of the Internet. This project aims to define the ideal ‘Internet way of networking’ and make sure governments and regulators keep supporting the Internet as a generative technology. Read more




Encryption is a critical tool for the security of people, information and the Internet’s infrastructure. We are working with partners globally to support the use of strong encryption and prevent dangerous attempts to weaken its effectiveness or prevent its implementation. Read more



Securing Global Routing (MANRS)

Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) is a global community-driven initiative that strengthens the Internet by reducing common routing threats and establishing new norms for network operations. We will keep promoting its use as a gold standard of technical excellence. Read more



Time Security

Global time infrastructure is critical to a secure and reliable Internet. We’ll promote the development and global use of better security processes and mechanisms for network time synchronization. Read more

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Open Standards Everywhere

Everyone has a role to play in trust and security online. This project will demonstrate and teach people how the open Internet standards and protocols make web servers, and the greater Internet, more secure. Read more

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Growing the Internet


Community Networks

Community Networks help the Internet Society get closer to its goal of an Internet for everyone. We will continue to work with partners, civil society, policymakers and regulators to empower communities to build their own connectivity solutions in under- and unserved regions around the globe. Read more



Infrastructure and Community Development

Technical collaboration is a foundation on which the Internet was built. We will continue to build local Internet infrastructure, by improving interconnection and peering, with an emphasis on local community training and network operator groups, and development and deployment of Internet Exchange Points. Read more



Measuring the Internet

The more we understand the evolution of the Internet, the better we can address emerging issues. We’ll create a reliable place to help people find data and trends shaping the Internet’s infrastructure and assess the ‘health’ of the Internet model of networking. Read more

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