“In countless ways, 2006 was a turning point, both for ISOC and for the Internet community at large. Two notable events bracketed the year: In January, the world’s premier Internet standards-making body celebrated its 20th anniversary and, in December, Time magazine—with its global audience of 27 million— named the Internet users of the world its 2006 Person of the Year.

The significance of the IETF anniversary is impossible to overstate. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) continues to make a significant contribution to the success of the Internet as we know it today. In 20 years, the IETF has not strayed from its belief in the power of building consensus or from its fierce commitment to an open process for standards development. Since its inception, those values have informed the vision of the Internet Society. As the organisational home of the IETF, ISOC made considerable strides in 2006 to consolidate the administrative support for the IETF. In 2007, we will continue our efforts to make the IETF even more accessible to engineers worldwide and to make the work of the IETF more transparent to those not directly involved in its work.

By naming Internet users Person of the Year, Time magazine expressed what the Internet Society has known since it began: Those who are committed to keeping the Internet free of constraint, open, and accessible are shaping the future. ISOC is doing its share by supporting a growing number of local Chapters and Individual Members to do useful work in the development of the Internet. In 2007 we will improve our support for Chapters and we will work toward a renewed basis for our common efforts. We will also continue our close relationship with ISOC’s Organisation Members through the Advisory Council.

Throughout 2006, the Internet Society played an important role in the direction of Internet policy and governance through participation in international bodies, such as the Internet Governance Forum. In addition, the organization, its staff, and its partners worked diligently to increase Internet education and training in all regions of the world. Last, but not least, I am pleased to report that the Internet Society is in good financial health. Our challenge for the coming years will be to make the best use of our resources to meet diverse and sometimes competing needs. ”

— Daniel Karrenberg, Chair, Board of Trustees


  • Foreword By Daniel Karrenberg, Chair, Board of Trustees
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  • ISOC in 2006: A Year of Growth, Influence and Leadership
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