25th Anniversary – ICOMM17: Chapter Celebration Nodes

The Internet Society’s 25th Anniversary is a time to celebrate the past achievements of our community and also a moment to look at the future of the Internet and the Internet Society. 

Applications are now closed.

At the special edition of InterCommunity, 19 September – our global “InterCommunity” membership meeting – we kicked off with the presentation of the new class of Internet Hall of Fame inductees. After the ceremony, we passed the program to our nodes around the world for community dialogue on topics from the Internet Futures report.

All Internet Society chapters were invited to organise a local “Celebration Node”. We provided a small amount of funding to help you with your event, along with a Celebration Box with Internet Society promotional materials.

We also provided collateral branded materials (with the new logo and look and feel) and give-aways, allowing every chapter to feel part of this unique moment and creating a feeling of a global community coming together as one.

The Internet Society provided the Chapters with:

  • Funding up to USD 1,500.00 to organise a networking/social event (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner or a reception depending on the timing of the event)
  • A Celebration Box
  • Give-aways