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Rudi Vansnick is an ICT and Internet specialist with almost 35 years of experience in information and communication technology. Rudi has served in public services for several years as an advisor in outsourcing projects while he also has been active in private companies executing projects at national and international level, allowing him to extend his knowledge within specific domains as there are communications and internet technology. Rudi has an accountant and fiscal expert background through education and acquired the ICT knowledge through an educational program with IBM in the late seventies.

Since 1994 Rudi is involved in the Internet Society and became chair of the Belgian chapter in 2000. ISOC Belgium is one of the vibrant chapters in Europe, informing and advising national and regional government on specific Internet related issues and is participating actively in the domain name space. Rudi is one of the founding members of the European Regional At large Organisation (2007) within ALAC (ICANN) and is still an active board member. He is active in several working groups in ALAC.