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Walda W. Roseman is Chief Strategic Communications Officer of the Internet Society. She has had a distinguished career as an executive, manager, strategist, advocate, policy and regulatory expert, and entrepreneur, primarily in the information and communications technology and entertainment sectors. Before she joined ISOC, she served as CEO of CompassRose International, a respected advisory firm in international communications that she founded.

Walda also was the founding Director of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's Office of International Communications. She held several senior executive positions with Intelsat in external relations, strategic planning, advocacy, marketing and communications. She also served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; Senior Vice President of National Affairs and Planning at National Public Radio; and as Director of Public Information and Government Affairs with the former White House Office of Telecommunications Policy. She began her career in communications as a print journalist covering education issues, and then as Managing Editor of the National Cable Television Association's publications programs.

Walda has been active in a number of professional organizations, chaired international committees, and served on the boards of several business and professional organizations. She launched in 2001 and served as Chair of the ITU Youth Forum. She is active in international women's activities, including as a founder in 1992 of the ITU's Women’s Breakfast series that continues today. Walda was a member of the State Department Advisory Committee on International Communications and Information Policy; Vice Chairman of the American Refugee Committee International; and Chair of the board of the USITUA in 2013. She is a member of the Board of the TPRC and Board Member Emeritus of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation.

Walda is based in Reston, United States