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Chapter Resources

Three groups of Chapter Resources:

1. Mobilize people and get the word out


The Internet Society social platform, Connect, where members can discuss issues about the Internet, for the Internet, through the Internet. Do you want to set up a Community just for your Chapter? Contact

Chapters Webcasting Service

Enhance participation to your events today by webcasting! All that is needed is a camera device and a laptop. Find out more about the Chapters Webcasting Service. Need help? Contact

Chapters WebEx/Zoom Support

Engage community with high-impact webinars and online meetings. Schedule, host and organize remote participation for your events and group or board meetings via Cisco WebEx Platform or by using Please contact or your regional chapter development manager to schedule your next meeting or for more information. 

Chapter Branded Marketing Toolbox 

Chapter logos in various formats, letterhead templates, business card templates and standard ISOC presentation with the official chapter logo. Contact for your Chapter toolbox or check the Box folder.

Chapter Website Templates

We've created WordPress and Drupal (version 6 and 7) that reflect the current design of our website. Below you'll find both links to the templates as well as installation instructions. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at:

WordPress Template
The Internet Society WordPress theme for chapters is available for download at WordPress Template

Drupal Templates
Drupal 6 Template (Github)
Drupal 7 template (Github)

Please make sure to read the detailed instructions to understand the download/installation process, the required plugins and the configuration steps. There is also an issue tracker for issues found with the theme.

Media Training

Video on how to communicate our key messages to our different stakeholders.
Watch it now

2. Managing your Chapter

Membership and Chapter Management: Chapter Portal Guide

An overview of functionalities of the Internet Society's Chapter Portal, that allows you to manage and communicate with your Chapter membership, as well as to update your Chapter leadership. 

To download: Chapter Portal Guide. Any questions, please contact

Beyond the Net Funding Programme

Our Beyond the Net Funding Programme gives Internet Society members the opportunity to contribute at a local or regional level through an Internet Society Chapter. We support bright ideas that support the vision and mission of the Internet Society at local level, that make a positive difference in peoples lives through the Internet. 

Any questions? Please contact

Chapter Internet Presence Reimbursement Programme

Chapters can obtain reimbursement for costs associated with maintaining an Internet presence. Read more.

Questions? Contact

Online Chapter Elections 

Is it time for your Chapter Elections and you need some help setting up e-voting? Contact the team to get support. We have a step by step process and can set up online voting for you.

Want to know what your members think?

Do you want to send out a survey to better understand your members or to just get their insight on a given topic? We can help with the setup of your survey using SurveyMonkey.

Contact or your regional Chapter manager for more information and help.

Mobilising volunteers

One of the main challenges for a volunteer driven Chapter is to mobilize it's members, to ask them to dedicate their time and knowledge. Here is a guide that addresses some of those issues.

Tools for Mobilizing Volunteers: English - Français - Espanol (PDF)

3. Content you can use

Internet Governance and Public Policy 

  • You need to talk to local policy makers and need some briefs to help you in certain Policy matters? Have a look here.  
  • Are you interested in organising an Internet Governance event? Check out the IG Toolkit to help you along the way.
  • Tools for Unravelling the Net Neutrality / Open Internetworking debate: English - Français - Español (PDF)
  • Tool for Educating and Influencing Policymakers: English - Français - Español (PDF)

Access / Development 


  • Identity Chapter Toolbox Final: English - Français - Espanol (PDF)
  • Looking for information about SPAM to talk to your various stakeholders? Check out the SPAM toolkit. You want to give your members the opportunity to dive in deeper, point them to the online tutorials

Online Learning

  • Inforum - Internet Society's online learning platform that will give relevant content to your members. are you interested in using some of this content in your Chapter? Or do you want to set up a training course locally with this content? Contact