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Procedure for the Conduct of Meetings

Procedure adopted as part of: Resolution 96-08. ISOC Board of Trustees Internal Procedures.

The basic working procedures for the Board of Trustees are defined in the ISOC By-Laws. These internal procedures provide additional roles for the preparation and conduct of such meetings.

Meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

1. Agenda Items for Board of Trustee Meetings

Any ISOC Board member may demand an item to be included in the agenda. Items from other sources may be included at the discretion of the ISOC Chairman.

Where a decision is requested a written proposal must be supplied either on paper or electronically.

Agenda items and documents for inclusion in those items must be in the hands of the ISOC Secretariat at least four weeks before the meetings. Agenda items and documents received after that date will only be included at the discretion of the ISOC Chairman.

The Agenda and documents or a meeting will be dispatched by both post and by electronic mail to all ISOC Trustees and ISOC staff members taking part in the meeting three weeks before the meeting.

Unless otherwise marked the agenda and all documents are in the public domain.

The agenda will contain the standing items:

  • Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
  • President's report
  • Conference report
  • Publication report
  • Finance
  • Elections if any
  • Items submitted by members

2. Minutes of Board of Trustee Meetings

The Secretary shall produce minutes of a meeting as soon after the meeting as possible. After approval by the ISOC Chairman the minutes shall be circulated electronically to the ISOC-BoT list for correction. Normally, this circulation should take place no later than two weeks after the meeting. Three weeks after circulation and after any corrections to the minutes will be frozen as "draft". The minutes will be approved at the subsequent Board of Trustees meeting.

Reports of the meeting based on the minutes, but excluding any personal matters or matters which may prejudice ISOC contractual negotiations, will be published as soon as the draft, respective final minutes are available.

3. Content of minutes of Board of Trustees Meetings

Minutes will normally consist of a record of the decisions taken by the Board of Trustees and comments explicitly requested by members for inclusion. The minutes will contain an action list with names responsible for the actions.

4. Publication of minutes and papers of Board of Trustees Meetings

All minutes and papers will be catalogued and held electronically, where this is possible, in a suitable database. Access to all papers, except those deemed to be confidential by the Board of Trustees, will be freely available.

Where possible papers will be drawn up in accordance with ISOC1.1993, "Guidelines for the production of ISOC documents".

5. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees Meeting

The Chairman of the meeting will be the ISOC Chairman of the Board or in his absence the ISOC President or n his absence a Vice-President, or in their absence the Secretary, or in their absence the Treasurer.

6. Closed sessions of the Board of Trustees Meetings

When an item to be discussed is likely to result in the disclosure of financial, personal or other sensitive information, which may prejudice ISOC contractual negotiations, it is at the discretion of the Board to declare the session close to participants other than Board members.