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What is Internet Public Policy?

Our work is based upon our fundamental belief that the Internet is for everyone. In pursuing our objectives, we operate collaboratively and inclusively, working with governments, national and international organizations, civil society, the private sector, and other parties to reach decisions about the Internet that conform to our core values. A primary focus of our public policy work is Internet governance which in 2016 is focused on these three areas:

Our work is informed by the results of our 2015 Internet Governance Survey and we created an Internet Governance Timeline to help track the many events happening over the course of 2016.

How We Work

We work in a multi-stakeholder fashion towards the development of an Open and Sustainable Internet for the benefit of all people. Because the Internet impacts all of us, we work with partners globally of all shapes and sizes to make sure we can address a wide range of social, economic, and policy issues that interfere with an open and sustainable Internet.  For more information regarding our community and partners please visit our Community and Partners Page.


Public Policy Blog

  • Artificial Intelligence has the potential to bring immense opportunities, but it also poses challenges.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating the R&D agenda of the leading Internet industry. The Silicon Valley and other startup hubs are buzzing about artificial intelligence and the issue has come at the top of policymakers’ agenda including the G20, the ITU, and the OECD, where leaders gathered this week in Paris. 

    AI isn’t new, but its recent acceleration can be explained by its convergence with big data and IoT, and the endless...

    Date published 08 June 2017

  • On 6 June 2017, Internet Society President & CEO Kathy Brown spoke at the Opening Session of the Next Generation Internet Summit at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. These are her remarks as prepared.

    Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, esteemed colleagues and friends.  

    Thank you, President Bonvicini for your very gracious invitation to speak at this prescient Summit on the Next Generation Internet. 

    This year marks the 25th year of the Internet Society's advocacy for an open, secure and trusted...

    Date published 06 June 2017

  • This year, the Internet Society celebrates its 25th anniversary.  Our own history is inextricably tied to the history of the Internet. We were founded in 1992 by Internet pioneers who believed that “a society would emerge from the idea that is the Internet” – and they were right.

    As part of the celebration, this September we will launch a comprehensive report that details the key forces that could impact the future of the Internet. The report will also offer recommendations for the Future and we need your input.

    Our work on this started last year,...

    Date published 24 May 2017

  • Is the Internet bringing us together? Or is it further dividing us? Will the Internet of the future be a force for social cohesion? Or will it lead to greater fragmentation?

    Please join us on Thursday, May 11, from 12:30 - 14:00 BST (UTC+1) for a live video stream out of the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in London, UK. In the session a panel of experts will address these and many related questions (view the longer description):

    Speakers and panelists include:

    Prof. Dr. Erik Huizer, CTO SURFnet, Internet Hall of Fame inductee Ms....
    Date published 11 May 2017

  • Media leaders, including ISOC's Senior Director for Global Internet Policy, Constance Bommelaer, gathered at the World Press Freedom Day 2017 event in Indonesia to approve the Jakarta Declaration, which calls on governments to support encryption and on all journalists to use encryption to protect their research, their communications, their sources, and themselves. This is an important and positive signal to the international community.

    Also during the World Press Freedom Day 2017, the 2017 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom...

    Date published 04 May 2017