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How Multi-Stakeholder Works In Governance

The Internet model of governance enables policymakers to draw from the expertise of local stakeholders to develop sustainable Internet public policy approaches. Experience shows that governments who engage their stakeholders and draw from a base of community expertise are most effective in creating the environment in which Internet access flourishes. 

It's about multistakeholderism - a fabric of organizations, each with a different role and responsibility.

It's About Enhanced Cooperation

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The Internet Society's diverse and global communities continue to strengthen their efforts to enhance cooperation and to contribute actively to the development on Internet-related public policy solutions around the world.


It's About Bringing People Together 

The 2011 Internet Governance Forum

The Internet Governance Forum is a mechanism within the UN system to bring together Internet stakeholders from around the world and inspires people to work effectively in support of people-centered Internet development. The IGF is a model for multistakeholder dialogue that is inclusive of governments but not centrally managed by governments. National and Regional Internet Governance meetings and the global IGF all offer ways to get involved in the dialogue and make a difference for the global Internet.

It's About Celebrating What Works

The 2011 Internet Governance Forum

The rich and vibrant growth of the today's Internet is largely due the diverse community of people that range in expertise, culture, education, and economic backgrounds. Successful Internet governance models employ a similar approach.

The Lifting the Barriers to Internet Development in Africa report (PDF - 1.2MB) analyses the context of data connectivity in the continent and describes concrete examples on how removing regulatory roadblocks, promoting Internet-specific investments and fostering a supportive policy environment can have immediate positive impact.

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