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World Telecommunications Policy Forum (WTPF)

What It Is

The World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF) is a place where Member States and Sector Members of the International Telecommunications Union will discuss key issues around emerging telecommunication/ICT policy and regulatory matters that impact people around the world.

What happened in 2013

The WTPF came to a close with robust debate among all stakeholders about the role of government in Internet governance.

"The dialogue at WTPF 2013 was a significant step forward," said Lynn St. Amour, Internet Society President and Chief Executive Officer. "We know that the multi-stakeholder model has served the Internet and individuals across the world extraordinarily well, leading to innovations and infrastructure development that may not have come about with a top-down model. We welcome this open dialogue and hope these discussions continue over the coming months at forums such as the Commission on Science and Technology for Development and the Internet Governance Forum in order that all voices are heard." 

With International Internet-related Public Policy Matters as its theme, it was critical for policy and decision makers attending the 2013 World Telecommunications Policy Forum to keep the many voices of stakeholders at the forefront of their minds.

During the meeting, six opinions were drafted by a WTPF Informal Experts Group and submitted to the meeting, addressing topics such as capacity building, IP addressing, and Internet governance. These Opinions were discussed among all participants: ITU member states and sector members, civil society organizations, and other key international stakeholders.

The inclusion of stakeholders assisted in broadening the discussion to allow for a more inclusive dialogue. As a result, a vigorous debate related to the role of governments in the multi-stakeholder model exhibited the importance of continued discussions in a variety of fora.

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