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Online Identity

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The Internet Society works in both the technical and policy arenas to support the development of tools and policies that empower people to manage their online identities. 

TOSBack to be updated

During this event, the Internet Society and the Electronic Frontier Foundation teamed up to update and improve TOSback - a live archive of privacy policies.  The goal is to make TOSBack maintainable and scalable for thousands of privacy policies. Consumers, web developers, and researches will be able to use this archive in numerous ways to track and understand evolving privacy policies.

Research Online Identity and Privacy

The Internet Society has developed a series of papers providing an overview of online identity, focused on user-managed identity. The papers include discussions of privacy and some general guidelines on protecting your identity online.

CA/Browser Forum response

The Internet has grown and evolved through the efforts of a broad community based on basic principles of openness, transparency, and multi-stakeholder participation. A key to this continued growth and evolution is the confidence that all parties in an Internet based interaction can trust the communications related to that interaction. The constituency currently represented by the CA/Browser Forum includes key pieces of this Internet infrastructure. You can read the Internet Society's response to the CA/Browser Forum request for input here.