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Local and Regional Internet Organizations

Regional Internet Registries


The African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Africa, responsible for the distribution and management of Internet number resources such as IP addresses and ASN (Autonomou System Numbers) for the African region.
AFRINIC’s mission is to provide professional and efficient distribution of Internet number resources to the African Internet community, to support Internet technology usage and development across the continent and to strengthen Internet self-governance in Africa by encouraging a participatory policy development.

Network Operator Groups


AfNOG, the African Network operators Group, is a forum for cooperation and the exchange of technical information between operators of Internet-connected networks in Africa. AfNOG has organized an event like this one every year since 2000.


Afchix Africa was formed in November 2004 by African women and for African women. It is a chapter in Africa affiliated to Afchix worldwide. The aim of the African chapter is to help toward building the critical mass of computing skills among African women.
Afchix Kenya, the Kenya chapter of Afchix Africa, is composed of former and current Computer Science/Information Technology students and other players in the computing industry.
We run a mentorship program that aims at encouraging young women and high school girls to pursue careers in computer science and information technology.
Annually we hold a Career Workshop for High School girls to encourage them to go for careers in Computing.


Throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim, Internet service providers, backbone and regional networks, web hosting facilities, firewalls, and Intranets are being created, deployed, and installed at a staggering pace. The technicians, managers, entrepeneurs and decision-makers responsible are under tremendous pressure to master the skills necessary to build and operate these increasingly complex systems.
The mission of the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT) is to provide a forum for those key Internet builders in the region to learn from their peers and other leaders in the Internet community from around the world.


The Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG) is a rich community of Network Operators dedicated to exchanging technical information and experiences related to the management of IP networks in the Caribbean region.
CaribNOG collaborates with the regional and international organisations and stakeholders to facilitate capacity building and professional networking activities.  Initiatives are delivered in several forms including technical workshops, seminars, research-papers and of course, our annual meeting.
CaribNOG spreads its activities across the Caribbean and uses its website and mailing lists to build our online community and deliver practical resource.


The Network Operators Group of Latin America and the Caribbean.


SANOG was started to bring together operators for educational as well as co-operation. SANOG provides a regional forum to discuss operational issues and technologies of interest to data operators in the South Asian Region. The main objective is educational, but at the same time gives vendors a chance to talk to engineers about newer technology and products on the sidelines. Engineers get to talk to each other about experiences, benefit the entire community. This non commercial people networking is in line with established practices like NANOG in North America, RIPE Meetings in Europe and APRICOT in Asia.

Internet Exchange Points (IXP) and IXP Organisations


The CAR-IX is a neutral and independent not-for-profit Internet exchange modeled after the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX),  one of the worlds most succesful and high quality Internet Exchanges. The CAR-IX platform has been designed and is operated by AMS-IX.
The exchange provides continuous high quality full capacity peering services for Caribbean and South American networks that want to keep as much traffic local for network optimalisation and financial benefits.
Euro-IX is an association of Internet Exchanges, promoting an open interchange of ideas and experiences, gained to mutual advantage of the membership, by offering fora, meetings, mailing lists and on-line resources. Euro-IX also gathers information on regulatory issues affecting member exchanges within the region and where appropriate from other jurisdictions that could potentially impact on the membership.


The OCIX is an organization that was formed in 2006 to represent the Internet community in Sint Maarten and the neighboring Caribbean Islands in their effort to create an Internet Exchange. At the time of formation, pending regulation and uncertainty meant that collaboration between different businesses in the Internet industry was a necessity. OCIX is now fully operational and is willing to assist anyone in partaking in the Internet Exchange.