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Interconnection and Traffic Exchange (ITE)

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We build and connect technical and human infrastructure

The Internet Society’s mission is to achieve a world in which everyone everywhere is connected to an open and universally accessible Internet.  Since its inception in 1992, ISOC has been at the forefront of global Internet education by bringing essential information and training to people throughout the world.

We Focus On

Fostering ubiquitous, reliable, and sustainable Internet infrastructures around the world that drive economic and social development is critical to the Internet Society’s mission.  The Internet Society has been working with countries to facilitate core network development and IXPs, interconnection, and Internet traffic exchange for over twenty years. Absolutely critical to technical development is the “human” infrastructure – trained experts who build and maintain the Internet infrastructure in their corner of the globe. 

How We Do It

ISOC delivers on these goals through hands-on technical training, organising seminars and conferences on topical Internet issues, supporting local and regional Internet organisations, issuing briefings and white papers on Internet technologies, and funding participation opportunities for Internet experts in developing countries. 
View our ITE Program brochure for more information, statistics and charts.
See the video for an example of the great work being done by NSRC with and for the Internet technical community.