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How to Apply


The Internet Society Fellowship to the IETF is a highly competitive programme.  Please see the selection criteria to determine eligibility.

Application Process 


The IETF is a highly technical environment that represents the leading edge of Internet standards development and problem solving.

The program is aimed at individuals from emerging and developing economies  that possess a solid level of technical education and enough knowledge about concrete areas of IETF work to follow and benefit from the meeting’s technical discussions.

Please note that the ISOC Fellowship to the IETF is not appropriate for, or aimed at, individuals with little technical knowledge or those looking for “basic” information about what the IETF does.

Those selected for the Fellowship will be asked to prepare for the meeting in advance.

What You Receive

The Internet Society Fellowship to the IETF programme provides the following support to participants: Read more...

Expectations for Fellows

In order to get the most out of the IETF experience and to help us achieve the goals of the programme, Internet Society Fellows are expected to do some preparation. Read more...