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Preparing for the WCIT

While only governments have a direct voice in the negotiations, the Internet Society is dedicated to working with policy and decision makers to provide information and advice to delegates before and during the conference so that the outcomes of the WCIT contribute positively to the health and continuing evolution of global communications.


We'll continue to update this page with a list of global and regional meetings structured to help delegates attending the WCIT learn about key issues where you live.


The ITU hosted an ITU Working Group that drafted the initial treaty text for the WCIT.  


Regional preparations are taking place throughout the world so that countries can reach common positions on treaty proposals.  For more information on the different regions go to: 


Key Dates leading up to WCIT-12

Below is a list of regional preparatory meetings and other events that all lead up to WCIT-12.




APT – Asia Pacific Regional Meeting

August 6-8

Bangkok, Thailand

CEPT – European Regional Meeting

September 10-14

Copenhagen, Denmark

CITEL – America’s Regional Meeting

September 11-14

El Salvador

RCC - Russian Regional Commonwealth Meeting

September 14-?

Kiev, Ukraine

ATU – African Regional Meeting

September 25 & 26

Accra, Ghana

Arab Regional Meeting



ITU WCIT/WTSA Conference Preparatory Meeting

October 8-9

Geneva, Switzerland


(ITU-T World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly)

*Contributions are due by September 20th

November 20-29

Dubai, UAE


(International Telecommunications Regulations Treaty Conference)

*Contributions are due by November 3rd

December 3-14

Dubai, UAE




To keep you informed of not only our latest policies and positions, but also what other researchers, reporters and academics are saying about the ITR Treaty, we've prepared a WCIT Research section.  This online library will be continually updated with materials to help policy and decision makers help make an informed decion about your Internet.

Get the latest WCIT readings now.