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Internet Access

EU: European Parliament approves deal on 5G mobile broadband

  • On 14 March, the European Parliament...

Internet Access

EU: Ansip optimistic about the future of 5G

  • Following the World Mobile Congress, Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip claimed in an...

Rural Communities Access to Information Society (RUCCESS) - Interim Report

ISOC Nepal’s Rural Communities Access to Information Society will put community access hubs in rural schools,...

Internet Radio for People with Visual Impairments - Final Report

Radio MENQ (“We” in Armenian language) is an Internet Radio created by Armenian blind and visually impaired with the support...

Hamara Internet Final Report - Pakistan Chapter

The Hamara Internet (Our Internet) campaign is aimed at raising awareness about digital violence against women, while...

Before you apply for an ISOC Fellowship to the IETF

The Internet Society is happy to hear that you are thinking of applying for an ISOC Fellowship to the IETF! Before you apply, please...

Internet Access

EU: Ansip calls for better coordination to develop 5G

Internet Access

EU: Ansip to talk 5G during World Mobile Congress

  • Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip...


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