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Putting a stop to spam

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Spam is a global issue that affects every Internet user, but at the moment it feels as though the world is fighting a losing battle to put a stop to it. 

At the Internet Society, we’re supporting policy and decision makers as well as technical experts as they figure out how to tackle this growing problem. We’re creating an online library, the Spam Toolkit, and packing it with useful resources about the technical and political measures being taken in the fight against spam.

Keep reading to find out more and see how you can get involved.

What’s the problem?

We’ve all received our fair share of spam emails, and many of us have paid the price with viruses that wreak havoc with our computers and put the Internet at risk. 

It’s time to fight back. 

One of the main issues is that there’s little agreement on what exactly constitutes spam. The lack of a universal, globally accepted definition makes it hard to come up with a coordinated way of combating it effectively. Because one country’s definition may differ from that of another, it’s difficult to develop a policy that transcends borders - and this may land businesses, organizations and internet entrepreneurs in trouble when it comes to email marketing activities, which can sometimes be misconstrued. 

What is the Internet Society doing about spam?

At the Internet Society, we’re coordinating worldwide efforts to find an effective solution to spam in a way that doesn’t threaten the open nature of the Internet.  It’s also about finding lasting solutions that come from the ground up.  

It’s this unique way of working – one that combines local solutions, a global reach, a foundation in technology, and involves action at every level from local to global – that helps us realize our ambition of a world in which everyone can access and develop a connected, borderless, permission-less, limitless Internet that creates opportunity and progress for all.  

We’re working to make sure you can have your say when it comes to solving the problem of spam - no matter who you are or where you come from.

Click the links to the right to find out more about what we’re doing to help fight spam, including our latest papers from developing countries and case studies on the projects we’re currently involved in.

How can I join the fight against spam?

Together, we can get the world talking about the impact of spam and come up with solutions. Here’s how you can get involved.