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Представительство Internet Society в Целевой инженерной группе Интернета (IETF)

 IETF - the world's leading authority which has been developing Internet standards. As a component of the program NGL, provide Internet Society in the IETF are technicians, students specializing in the field of IT technology, and other qualified persons who live in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

Representatives attending the IETF IETF meeting together with an experienced mentor. As expected, they should make a positive contribution to the IETF.

Representation in IETF helps to diversify the composition of participants and expand the idea of ​​the world about the important work of IETF. At the same time representatives participate in the development of Internet standards and best practices, and can establish valuable contacts with colleagues from around the world who work in similar fields.

Participate in the program representation can be several times.


Information on the IETF

IETF (and related organizations) - it is a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, researchers and other interested technical experts. Although most of the work takes place in the form of IETF mailing lists annually three physical meetings IETF. Personal participation in IETF meetings can help to better understand the process of standardization, encourage active participation in the IETF and to help establish personal contacts with professionals who work in similar technical areas.


Benefits Mission

Representatives of the Internet Society in IETF receive the following support:

  • payment of travel, accommodation, registration fees and tickets for a social event IETF;
  • familiarity with a mentor from the profile area, which will help to prepare for the meetings, to establish contacts with other professionals and successfully navigate the agenda for meetings to be held during the week;
  • allowance to pay for unexpected expenses;
  • certificate of participation.

Cm. For more information about the selection of representatives ...


Requirements for representatives

Representatives of the Internet Society should:

  • advance to prepare for the meeting of IETF, reading the relevant documentation and IETF discussion in specialized working groups;
  • attend an introductory course for beginners IETF, plenary sessions and working groups throughout the week;
  • share experiences and knowledge gained at the meeting IETF, with local communities after returning home (including the compilation of the report on the work done).
  • participate in a network of program participants NGL;
  • assist in the administration of the program, including the answers to the questionnaire.

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When you can become a representative?

The program representation is proposed for each of the three annual meetings of the IETF. Visit the website IETF , to know the schedule of meetings.


Possible participants

The program representation in IETF Internet Society is for Internet Society members from developing countries and countries with economies in transition, which have sufficient technical skills and experience to help in the work of IETF.


Selection Criteria

Participants in the program representative selected on a competitive basis. All applicants must be members of the Internet Society and meet the selection criteria described here ...

Note that the program representation in IETF no age restrictions.


Application Procedure

Accepting applications completed.


Dates in 2012

Dates for 2012 have not yet been confirmed. Sign up on the list of candidates for the program NGL, to obtain further information.


Additional information

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  • Become a mentor
  • Mailing lists for candidates NGL
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For more information contact us at the following address: Leaders@InternetSociety.org .