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Internet Society 2014 Annual Report


Cover and Table of Contents (PDF: 1.09MB)

The Internet Society is the trusted independent source for Internet information and thought leadership around the world. It is also the organizational home for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). With its principled vision, substantial technological foundation and its global presence, the Internet Society promotes open dialogue on Internet policy, technology, and future development among users, companies, governments, and other organizations. Working with its members and Chapters around the world, the Internet Society enables the continued evolution and growth of the Internet for everyone.

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Message from Bob Hinden, Chair, Board of Trustees (PDF: 1.03MB)

"It’s been an amazing year for the Internet Society. In late December 2013 the Board announced that we appointed a new CEO, Kathy Brown. She followed Lynn St. Amour who had announced she had decided to step away after being the CEO for more than 12 years, and who created the Internet Society we all know so well. I have an immense amount of gratitude to Lynn for her dedicated service to the Internet Society and how she handled the transition to a new CEO.

Kathy started as Internet Society CEO and President on the 6th of January. Not very surprisingly, the world in which we work did not pause, and if anything, everything seemed to accelerate. Looking back it feels a lot longer than a single year. Some of the events where Kathy and ISOC had important roles include..."

Message from Kathy Brown, President and CEO (PDF: 1.29MB)

"The past year has been remarkable for the Internet Society community around the world. As the year comes to an end, Internet Society staff are taking a brief look back at all we, the entire Internet Society, accomplished together. As part of that reflection, I want to share with you our collective work BY THE NUMBERS...."

2014: The Internet Society by the numbers! (PDF: 1.72MB)

2014 Strategic Objectives (PDF: 119 KB)

The Internet Society aspires to be the foremost global voice and leader for the Internet of today and the future, ensuring that a vibrant, open, and sustainable Internet is available to everyone, including the billions of users yet to come online.

2014 Highlights and Accomplishments (PDF: 804 KB)

Routing Resilience Manifesto and MANSR Launch (PDF: 118 KB)
Promoting collective responsibility for the Internet’s resilience and security

Global Internet Report (PDF: 580 KB)
Quantifying and visualizing the Internet’s impact

Internet Governance Forum (PDF: 746KB)
Working across continents to shape the Internet’s future

Operators and the IETF (PDF: 156KB)
Gaining operational insights to steer actionable development

Connect Platform (PDF: 164KB)
Making information exchange easier with a shared destination

Chapter Workshops (PDF: 887KB)
Building communities of trust to strenghten impact 

Inforum and Online Courses (PDF: 684KB)
Empowering our community with online learning and leadership resources

Regional Highlights (PDF: 156 KB)

Protecting the health of the Internet and the citizens’ rights (PDF: 626KB)

Latin America and the Caribbean (PDF: 837KB)
Increasing Latin America’s voice in the IETF

Africa (PDF: 877KB) 
Africa is ready for business 

Asia (PDF: 946KB) 
Bridging gaps for greater collaboration

North America (PDF: 248KB)
Responding to cyber surveillance

Internet Society Communities (PDF: 2.2MB)

Chapters, Related Organizations and Our Supporters

Grants&Awards (PDF: 1.23MB)

Community Grants and Awards (The 2014 Internet Hall of Fame, Jonathan B. Postel Award, Applied Network Research Prize Awards)

Executive Staff (PDF: 2.42MB)

Board of Trustees (PDF: 230KB)

2014 Financial Summary (PDF: 479KB)

Looking Ahead (PDF: 192KB)

In the next year, the billions of people that use the Internet today will face opportunities and challenges that promise to decide whether this global network of networks continues to foster innovation, promote collaboration, and support social progress for themselves, and the billions more that have yet to connect. If we, together, are able to respond to these challenges and opportunities with sufficient force and urgency, the children of today will benefit from the same kind of Internet we have enjoyed for the past three decades. If we fail to respond, however, we—and they—could lose the essence of the Internet today and the unimaginable innovations it would spark tomorrow.

The Internet Society can and must take the lead in responding. We take on this task, not just because the Internet Society is for the open Internet, but also because we are of the open Internet. We were founded by Internet pioneers. Our culture embraces the openness that pervades the Internet itself. Our community spans the diversity of Internet users and uses around the globe.

And, we work to build the Internet while clearly focused on a larger purpose—to ensure that it continues to support innovation, economic development, and social progress. We will continue to build and sharpen our position on the interaction between the Internet and fundamental human rights. Ensuring the “Internet is for everyone” is not just an organizational slogan, it is intrinsic to our organizational genes.

Even as we build on this tradition, we will take a step up to match the growing importance and increased attention the Internet garners today. We also know that success requires focus. In the coming year the Internet Society will be turning its attention to the most urgent issues, imparting the greatest impact, and keeping our aim on an Internet that is open, secure, resilient, and growing. To that end, we have identified four key areas of action in the coming year. Our Strategic Objectives are to:

  • Facilitate and promote global, regional, and local policy environments that enable the continuing evolution of an open Internet
  • Increase the global relevance and recognition of collaborative, bottom-up, technical, consensus-based open standards development in order to protect permissionless innovation for the availability of the open Internet for current and future users; and increase development and use of security and resiliency technologies and best practices, shape the evolution of online identity infrastructures, and improve choice and consent in the handling of user data
  • Provide equal development opportunities for all people by promoting the relevance, deployment, and adoption of the open Internet
  • Increase the visibility and influence of the Internet Society as the recognized, trusted source on Internet issues
Wed, 12/31/2014
Annual Report