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2014 Board of Trustees Election Nominees Announced

28 February 2014

2014 Board of Trustees Nominees

The slate of nominees for the 2014 ISOC Board of Trustees election, as recommended by the 2014 Nominating Committee is:

Organisations (one seat)

  - Hiroshi Esaki

  - Moez Chakchouk

  - Demi Getschko

Chapters (two seats)

  - Gihan Dias

  - Hans Peter Dittler

  - Jean Jacques Subrenat

2014 Board of Trustees Election - Petition

Additional nominations for election to the Board of Trustees may be made by petition by the candidate


The Petitions Period runs from 27 February 2014 to 13 March 2014, 23:59 UTC. Successful petitioners will be placed on the ballot. The final slate announcement will be made no later than 13 March 2014.