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How To Participate


Internet users will not need to do anything different on World IPv6 Day. Web services, Internet service providers, and OS manufacturers will be updating their systems to ensure Internet users enjoy uninterrupted service. In rare cases, users may still experience connectivity issues when visiting participating Websites. Users can visit an IPv6 test site to check if their connectivity will be impacted. If the test indicates a problem, they can disable IPv6 or ask their ISPs to help fix the problem.


Please send your request by 1700 UTC Friday, June 3. We will not be processing new requests received after that point in time.

If you’d like to bring your company’s website online using IPv6 during the World IPv6 Day you’ll need to make it IPv6 accessible using dual stack technology and provide a AAAA record for the site. IPv4 websites will of course continue to be accessible over IPv4 during the event.

This is a 24 hour event June 8, 2011, from 0000 to 2359 UTC. Websites will be operating over IPv6 for 24 hours on this date. On the day of the event we will provide a status dashboard of websites that have said they will participate. You’llbe able to check a website’s IPv6 accessibility on the status dashboard.


The event will happen whether you participate or not As an ISP, you should consider how this event may affect your users and organization.

The most important thing for you to do is to advise your customer support organization. You should have plans in place to explain the event to customers, and to troubleshoot if problems arise.

You should consider customer outreach. You may want to post a version of the IPv6 test page on your customer-facing servers, with tips for fixing problems encountered. Once you’ve done that, you might send notices to customers inviting them to test their service ahead of time. If you provide gateway routers to your customers, you should test their functionality, to make sure user equipment behind them responds appropriately when content is available over dual-stack.

Some ISPs will be developing metrics and tools, to show customer ticket rate, or various kinds of customer experience, and overall IPv6 traffic seen. If you have the ability, you should accelerate your deployment of IPv6: this should improve your customer experience during the event, and provider better data.

If you are planning to turn on IPv6 for access in your network in the interest of World IPv6 Day, please ensure your adds are completed well before the day (e.g., before May 31), and commit to leaving it active.  Turning on IPv6 for only a brief period around June 8th will confuse measurements and not give a clear idea of the world’s readiness for IPv6 and IPv4 coexistence:  it is therefore not a contribution to the effort.

Finally, spread the word! Since some number of problems will probably be found, ISPs should not be surprised by this event.