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Internet Events

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The Internet Society is at the heart of the Internet community and active in conferences and events around the world, many of which it organises or supports directly.

Internet Events Calendar

Our comprehensive events calendar can help you stay informed about technical, policy, and educational events and conferences across the local and global issues.

InterCommunity 2015

The Internet Society community brought incredible diversity, a truly global reach, and strikingly unique perspectives together.  But, we shared one vision "the Internet is for everyone."

Our InterCommunity event will showcased our identity as a community - as a Society - of individuals, organizations and chapters who care deeply about the big and small concerns of the Internet.  

To see what happened visit the Connect platform.

INET Conferences

Our INET Conference is one of the longest running Internet events. INET brings together users, policy makers, technologists, and operators in a cooperative event focusing on development and relevant local and global issues.

Network and Distributed System Security Symposium.

The Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS) Symposium is held each year in San Diego, California. This three day conference, supported by the Internet Society, brings together innovative and forward thinking members of the Internet community who design, develop, exploit and deploy new and emerging technologies that define network and distributed system security.