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IGF 2009 and the Internet Society

When: 15-18 November 2009
Where: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Highlights: It ended with calls from participants to extend the Internet Governance Forum beyond its current mandate.

Internet Society 2009 IGF Workshops

Please Note: All workshops are archived on the IGF 2009 Website.

The role of Internet Exchange Points in creating Internet capacity and bringing autonomy to developing nations capacity and bringing autonomy to developing nation

Internet Society Panelist: Michuki Mwangi
Workshop Purpose: The main themes to be covered in this workshop are: an explanation of how Internet bandwidth, the capacity to route Internet traffic, is produced within Internet exchange points, an overview of the distribution of Internet exchange points globally, and discussion of the role of Internet exchange points in making developing regions autonomous from the draining expense of international telecommunications carriage. Quality Internet Contents: Using Contest Mechanism to Demonstrate Internet Best Practice

Fostering Quality Internet Contents: Using Contest Mechanism to Demonstrate Internet Best Practice

Internet Society Discussant: Lynn St. Amour
Workshop Purpose: The joint WSA/Egypt/ISOC session at IGF addresses Internet content and best practice in running a contest mechanism/competition to promote the good use of Internet and network engineers, policy community, educators and creatives.

Workshop on Fundamentals: Internet's Core Values

Internet Society Panelist: Lynn St. Amour
Workshop Purpose: The workshop would examine how the Internet as a free and open medium could enable innovative solutions for development, by exploring the idea of open and universally  accessible classrooms to bridge the fundamental divide in education, as outlined in the  proposed topic No 311: “Alexandria Everywhere: Open and Accessible Classrooms on the Internet to bridge the fundamental divide in Education”

Internet Governance in the light of the WSIS Principles

Internet Society Moderator: Bill Graham
Workshop Purpose: The session will discuss how IGF 2009 has created "Opportunities For All", with a special focus on young people, as the primary users and innovators of the Internet

OECD Open Forum: The importance of Internet Access and Openness for a sustainable economic recovery

Panelist: Constance Bommelaer
Workshop Purpose: How governments can best accomplish their goals without displacing or disrupting private investment. What criteria / principles should be applied in assessing where to allocate resources, encouraging further investment by the private sector and promoting open and competitive choices for users?

Code of good practice on participation, access to information and transparency in Internet governance, Version 1.0

Rapporteurs and convenor: Constance Bommelaer
Workshop Purpose: The aim of the workshop is to discuss the draft text with a view to an agreement on its format and its key elements from the perspective of both IG entities and Internet users.Broadening Mobile content Sustainable Access

Internet Society Panelist: Raj Singh
Workshop Purpose: Learn how mobile application can be effectively fit into the larger public service delivery network