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The Internet Society and Outreach

The Internet Society’s outreach efforts have long included educational programs aimed at providing network engineers and operators with the skills they need to improve and enhance Internet connectivity, and development programs meant to build Internet capacity in all parts of the world. Clearly, these two concerns are closely interrelated, and have been so throughout the the Internet Society’s history.

The belief that Internet development is about people has informed the Internet Society’s outreach efforts from the beginning.  During the Internet Society’s first decade, its Developing Country Workshops trained the engineers who helped dozens of countries come online; today, the Internet Society’s support of local and regional Internet organizations brings together talent and expertise, while the Internet Society’s many Fellowship Programmes are nurturing the next generation of Internet talent.

Through initiatives such as these and by supporting local and regional solutions for building capacity, such as Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), the Internet Society has worked to bring about the ideal that “the Internet is for everyone”