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Workshop Centre

In 2004, The Internet Society and the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) launched the ISOC Workshop Resource Centre (WRC): a web-based portal supporting organisers of network technology workshops worldwide.

The WRC makes all of the Internet Society'ss technical training available to everyone. It is a centralised service that collects resources related to Internet networking workshops and makes them publicly available via a dedicated web site. Content includes technical training material on network design and deployment, as well as planning tools to help workshop organisers develop and hold local events. The ultimate goal of the WRC is for content development to become self-sustaining and for site users to form a support network for emerging training needs around the globe.

The Internet Society promotes the WRC widely to developing countries through a large number of training events and publications. It has been used extensively as a major resource by planners of network training workshops in all parts of the world.

Explore and apply this important training material at the Internet Society Workshop Resource Centre web site