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ISOC members @ ICANN meeting

When: 14 July 2013, 18:45-21:00 local time (16:45:00-19:00 UTC)
Where:  Durban International Convention Center, Room 3B.

The "ISOC members @ ICANN" meeting brings together Internet Society (ISOC) members to discuss policy related issues and other topics of interest to the members, to share ideas, knowledge, content and experiences and also to connect with the ISOC community present at ICANN. 
The content and format for this particular meeting was a bit different from those in the past. To ensure that the content of the meeting is really targeting what ISOC members want to discuss, the content will be defined by the participants themselves, who did choose 2 policy topics. There was also one regional specific topic and one free chosen topic.
18:45 - 19:00  Welcome drinks & snacks
19:00 - 19:15  Welcome &  Opening
19:15 - 19:30  Working method & getting to know who is in the room 
19:30 - 19:45  AXIS Project - a town hall conversation with Dawit Bekele, Regional Bureau Director for Africa, Internet Society
19:45 - 20:10  Development Agenda & Topics in Africa - a town hall conversation 
20:10 - 20:30  Public Policy update and discussion on Internet Governance (post-WCIT, IGF and WSIS review), Markus Kummer, Vice-President for Public Policy, Internet Society
20:30 - 20:50  Public Policy update and discussion on Privacy, Markus Kummer, Vice-President for Public Policy, Internet Society
20:50 - 21:00  Thank you and Close of meeting
Thanks to all of you who voted on the proposed public policy topics as well as the suggestions we received for an additional topic to discuss!
A recording of the live streaming is available here:
The WebEx recording of the meeting is available here: