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Asia Internet Symposium Manila 2013

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Symposium Details

There is a low level of awareness of Internet policy and governance issues in the Philippines. The general attitude is that the Internet is a common-place, and a given that will always be available for use as it is today. 
The Asia Internet Symposium (AIS) Manila 2013, organised by the Internet Society (ISOC) and its Philippine Chapter, will discuss the current Internet Governance landscape including actors and players, current state of play on issues and the role of various stakeholder groups including the business community. The event will culminate in a panel discussion on Internet issues facing the Philippines and the way forward.

What Will Be Addressed

Some of the topics to be addressed during the event include:
  • How standards, policies and procedures on the Internet and its use are formulated using the “Internet model” by loosely cooperating, open, multi-stakeholder and bottom-up consensus driven organizations such as IETF and ICANN
  • Why the issues of Internet governance and policy have far-reaching implications for business and development, especially in countries like the Philippines
  • What the potential impact of multilateral/transnational agreements could be to business and development, and in particular for developing countries

Who Should Attend

The participant profile includes:
  • The business sector
  • Trade and industry organisations
  • Civil society
  • Policymakers and
  • Anyone interested in the Internet and its use professionally or personally.







Opening and Welcome Remarks and Keynote

Presentation:  Global Internet Governance

  • Rajnesh Singh, Regional Director, Asia-Pacific, Internet Society

Presentation:  The Internet and Business - why you should worry

  • David Appasamy, Specialist, Digital Business Strategies and past member of Multistakeholder Advisory Group of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Coffee and snack break


Summary overview of Internet issues facing the Philippines

Panel & Open Forum / Q&A


General Meeting - Philippine Chapter of the Internet Society

Close of Meeting