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African Internet Standards Forum


The Internet Society Africa Regional Bureau is organizing the first ever Africa wide Internet Standards Forum that will take place in Serekunda, Gambia on May 12th 2012 from 9.00am GMT to 1.00pm GMT. The forum will also be streamed live on the online conferencing tool Webex.

The forum will discuss Internet standards and the role the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) plays in setting open Internet standards. African participation in IETF activities has been limited and this forum is an effort to encourage African participation in the IETF, especially for graduating class, Masters and Ph.D. level University students and instructors in order for Africa to play a role in the development of the Internet.


The objective of the forum is to create awareness and understanding of the IETF and its role in setting open standards and to encourage African University students, instructors, researchers and Internet enthusiasts to participate in the development of open Internet Standards development. The Internet Society also wants to use this opportunity to establish local communities that will participate in the development of IETF standards and use their participation to further their educational and research objectives.


12 May 2012  
9:00 - 10:00

Session 1: Why and How Participate in the IETF

  • Introduction to IETF
  • IETF processes, Philip Smith
  • Why participate to the IETF ? IETF Fellows
  • Discussion
10:15 - 10:45 Break
10:45- 12:15

Session 2: A taste of IETF

  • RTCWEB/WebRTC, Dan York
  • Ipv6ops, Joel Jaeggli
  • DNSEXT, Joe Abley
  • Discussions

Session 3: The way forward for IETF in Africa

  • African participation to the IEFT, Michuki Mwangi?
  • Discussion


Who can attend?

University students, researchers and Internet enthusiasts from Africa interested in learning about open Internet Standards.

How to attend

People attending the AfNOG sessions in Gambia can attend the meeting physically on the date and time indicated. The meeting will take place at the Kairaba Beach Hotel, Serekunda together with AfNOG and AfriNIC meetings.

Remote participants can attend in two ways:

  1. Online via Webex by registering here in order to get the meeting URL and password. Registration is now open. You will also be able to test your connection here on the 11th of May from 9.00am GMT. Webex only requires one to have a web browser (with necessary plugins obtained after testing), microphone and sound.
  2. By visiting a participating local hub on the day and time of the forum – The Internet Society is working with Internet Society Chapters in Africa to setup local hubs where a room, Internet connection, projector, microphone and sound system will be made available for participants. Details of the participating chapters and their location will be made available before the start of the main AfNOG session on May 6th 2012.


About the IETF

The Internet Engineering Task Force has been setting open standards for the Internet for the past 25 years, allowing billions of people to communicate, learn, and share over the Internet everyday. Watch this video to learn more about the IETF.