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DNS Root Name Server Frequently Asked Questions

DNS Root Name Server Frequently Asked Questions Download File

Date: 27 Jan 2005

Document Type: Briefing Papers

Tags: DNS

Daniel Karrenberg, one of the first people to bring DNS to Europe in the 90s and the Internet to Europe in the 80s answers some questions about what Domain Name Servers are and how they work.

This 2005 Member Briefing covers topics like:

  • What is it that root name servers do exactly?
  • So the root name server operators determine who gets to operate TLDs?
  • Does all Internet traffic pass through the root name servers?
  • Do the root name servers store all information in the DNS?
  • Are the root name servers queried every time I browse the web or send mail?
  • Who are the root name server operators?
  • What is the meaning of the letters A-M?
  • So where are those root name servers anyway?
  • What is "IANA" anyway?
  • Why has IANA given two servers to VeriSign?
  • Isn't it unfair to the rest of the world that the majority of root name server operators are US entities?
  • What is DNSEEC

This document is a great resource for students, teachers, professionals, and governments.